These Wrist Tattoos Are Stunning Works Of Art

Tattoos can transform clean slates of our bodies into masterpieces of captivating line work and vivid color. With the ink community growing substantially in the past few years, there isn't an inch of skin folks have left unadorned. As breathtaking as large back pieces and full sleeves are, stunning wrist tattoos can be just as impressive.

Even though they can be pretty small canvases to tat, there is no shortage of amazing wrist ink out there. IMO, wrists are one of the best places on which to etch delicate lines of script. We use our hands constantly, so they are the ideal spot to put a beautiful reminder of something you want to see daily. Plus, tiny and intricate tattoos also look equally perfect on them.

What I love most about the insides of wrists is their ability to hide tattoos in plain sight. I've had a tat on my left wrist for nearly a decade, and am amazed at how so many of my friends took several months to notice it. That's what makes a wrist tattoo so great, you know? They can be as concealable as you desire with the help of clothing, accessories, or simply by keeping your hands at your side.

If you're considering getting your first tat or adding more decorations to your body, check out these 13 beautifully-orchestrated wrist tattoos.

1. 3D Butterfly

The placement and shadow of this butterfly make it looks as though it could fly right off of this ink lover's arm.

2. Lightening Tat

Colorful lightening strikes are quite the captivating sight. These bold bands of red and blue make for a unique tattoo.

3. Vibrant Rose

Anyone could spot a rose as vivid as this one from a mile away. It's a beautiful addition to the outside of the wrist.

4. Railroad Tracks

There's something so picturesque about these tracks fading off into the distance.

5. Magical Dragonfly

The accents of white ink throughout this design are what make it such an adorably whimsical wrist tattoo. I'm a big fan of the fairy dust-like specs dancing around the dragonfly.

6. Snake Bracelet

Choosing a design that completely wraps around is the way to go in order to fully commit to a wrist tattoo. This snake coils around the wrist like an edgy bracelet.

7. Nefertiti Bust

Your wrist may be the perfect place to tat a portrait of a loved one or someone who inspires you, so that you'll always see their image as you use your hands throughout the day. If you are a genuine fan and appreciator of the Egyptian queen, this Nefertiti wrist tat can serve as a constant emblem of power and beauty.

8. Forest Friends

This forest scene creates such a unique and engaging band around the wrist.

9. Flying Doves

This double wrist tat deserves twice the love, as these beautiful doves fly from one arm to the next.

10. Anatomical Heart

Rather than inking something as common as a dainty heart, this tat lover went all-out with the anatomical version of the organ. With the addition of roses and branches, this tat is far more intriguing than your average heart one.

11. Gautam Buddha

Although the shading of this tattoo was kept pretty simple, the line work in the Buddha design makes for a remarkable work of art. Just remember that the Buddha is not a meaningless figure, but one tied to a deeply spiritual religious culture, and it's unfortunately easy to enter the realms of cultural appropriation when it comes to his imagery.

12. Roaring Lion

With the wrist being a pretty small space to work with, I'm impressed by tats like this realistic lion. The shading and tiny details are everything.

13. Geometric Semicolon

By no means is this your average semicolon wrist tat. This design combines amazing color work and the flower of life pattern to create a tattoo that is just as mesmerizing as it is powerful in meaning.

With all of this stunning inspo, you're hopefully convinced that you need some fresh wrist ink in your life.

Images: Courtesy glennclark420/Instagram