What To Know About Athletes' Bedroom Habits

I think it’s safe to assume that there's a lot of sex in the Olympic Village going down. And different kinds of Olympic sex: partnered sex, solo sex, and maybe a bit of sex with multiple partners thrown in there for good measure. (I mean, if you had the opportunity for an Olympic athlete orgy, would you say no? That’s what I thought.) And sex for a lot of people these days includes sex toys, whether you’re doing it together or alone, and luxury sex toy brand LELO has discovered which types of athletes own the most sex toys.

LELO surveyed 800 athletes from around the world about their sexual habits, including how many times per month they have partnered sex, how often they masturbate, how many sexual partners they’ve had, and the number of sex toys they own.

Surprisingly, not all of the data lines up they way you’d assume — the athletes with the highest average number of sex toys (gymnasts) isn’t even in the top five for average number of solo sessions per month. While we don't know exactly how people were using sex toys, I’m going to infer that this means they’re also using them with partners, which is great! So which athletes have the most sex toys? Here are the top five, according to LELO's survey.

1. Swimmers: Average Of 5 Sex Toys Owned

I just hope they’re all waterproof! (Too easy.)

2. Gymnasts: Average Of 4 Sex Toys Owned

The possibilities here are endless. Do you think they’re messing around with toys that are basically equipment — like a St. Andrew’s Cross or a strap-on or something — or do you think they’re sick of all that stuff and go for the basics, like a Rabbit?

3. Golfers, Tennis Players, Soccer Players, Rugby Players: Average Of 3 Sex Toys Owned

I should make a pun about balls, considering that’s the one thing all of these sports have in common, but what does that even apply to? Ben-wa balls? I’m sure it’s got to be more varied than that.

4. Track Stars, Volleyball Players, Boxers, Field Hockey Players: Average Of 1 Sex Toy Owned

This is hardly notable. One sex toy? Come on!

5. Cyclists: Average Of 0 Sex Toys Owned

Womp, wommmmmmmmmp. Someone send these folks a vibrator stat!

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