Robin Thicke's Birthday Includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Tequila Pineapples, & No Girls Allowed!

Robin Thicke has been blurring lines all over the place since his split from Paula Patton. First they were together, then they were separated, then he professed his love for her at one of his concerts, then he sent her a ton of flowers, then none of it worked because flowers and telling random people of your love does not equal a solid husband. But now, Thicke has blurred a line that was thought to be so far off of his trajectory that no one could have seen it coming. Robin Thicke celebrated his birthday on Monday with a guys night out and was joined by one Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh no. Oh no, no, no. Do not bring Ol' Capsy into this. He does not need to be involved in the doings of a man who dances onstage with a flesh colored latex-covered girl and tries to win his wife back with tacky floral arrangements.

According to People magazine, Thicke celebrated his 37th birthday at a West Hollywood club with a "crew of pals and a slew of alcohol." Ooooh a crew and a slew? Sounds fun! A source who saw the fiesta says that "No girls were allowed in their booth." If it was discovered that the "source" was Robin Thicke, I would not be surprised. He knows now that flowers and concert confessions don't work, but leaking to a magazine that you stayed away from other ladies at your party — your party that took place at a club, mind you — and that you're friends with Leonardo DiCaprio? Now that's a much better move.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So what did these manly men sip on to prove their manly menliness? Amstel Lights and tequila pineapples, according to that same source. Hmm... maybe it wasn't Thicke. He seems like someone who would claim to only fuel his monstrous sex drive with Don Draper-approved Old Fashioneds.

As for how Thicke and DiCaprio know each other, New York Magazine points out that they could know each other from Growing Pains. DiCaprio was on the show as a teenager and Thicke's father, Alan Thicke, was its star. If these two really knew each other since they were kids, that would make for an acceptable explanation. We all have that one friend we stick by even though we don't have that much in common any more. You know, the one who maybe is sort of successful, but then rides to bigger fame on the coattails (or, nipple pasties) of someone else and then their life kind of falls apart and you have to be there to comfort them. Or something like that. Obviously that was just an example.