Urban Decay May Have An Exciting New Product

Urban Decay is having quite a week. From debuting their new Naked Ultimate Basics palettes to teasing their holiday products, the brand is bomb at hyping up their new releases. It wasn't their entire holiday collection that caught my attention though. An Urban Decay Vice Lipstick palette can be seen in an Instagram photo posted on Wednesday. While it's not super clear what the palette could contain, considering that the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks come in over 100 lipsticks shades, whatever is inside is sure to be bomb.

Currently, all anyone knows about this mysterious palette is that it does, in fact, seem to exist. In the photo Urban Decay posted to their social media, the brand wrote that it has, "some new products we can't wait for you to try." Fans of the brand can spot the palette, and the brand has already confirmed there are new products in the photo of their holiday collection, so I'm pretty sure it's coming soon.

Plus, it makes total sense. The Urban Decay Vice lipstick launch was one of the biggest makeup launches of the year, not just because of the incredible collection of colors involved but also because of the killer Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vault that had fans scrambling to try to purchase all the lippies at once.

So far, there's been no written or verbal confirmation that the Urban Decay Vice lipstick palette is legit. However, based on the clues, I'd go ahead and bet that the beauty gem is going to be hitting shelves by December.

The sly showcase of new products was actually a genius move by the brand whose fans are probably still overwhelmed by the debut of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette. The all matte collection of 12 new shadows practically made Twitter explode. Now a potential Vice Lipstick palette?

You're killing your fans in the best way, Urban Decay.

If you're a lover of Urban Decay like I am the upcoming holiday collection is extra exciting. Plus, for lipstick lovers, it's going to be a dream come true with a Vice lipstick palette. I guess fans will have to just wait it out for now.

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram