JoJo & Jordan's Fairytale Romance Continues

This season of The Bachelorette may be over, but the fairytale romance continues for JoJo Fletcher and her chosen guy, Jordan Rodgers. The pair is engaged and it seems like nothing can stand in their way — not even recent drama with one of their exes. On Saturday night, Fletcher and Rodgers had a surprise engagement party, filled with a bunch of their family and friends. So just in case anyone thought these two were after publicity, it's moments like these that show their romance is legit. In an Instagram caption, Fletcher wrote,

My heart is so full! Jordan and I were going out to what we thought was just a little dinner with friends but instead walked into a room full of both our friends and family to celebrate in our engagement. We are so incredibly blessed. #fletchersmeettherodgers

The happy pair is surrounded by family and friends in the photo and they've got huge grins on their faces. Meanwhile, Rodgers posted a photo with his brother Luke (no, not his famous football player brother, Aaron). Here's an excerpt from his equally heartfelt caption:

So blessed to not only have found the love of my life @joelle_fletcher , but have an amazing family and new family to share a life with. So blessed to do life with these people! #fletchersmeettherodgers

No matter what drama seems to arise, Fletcher and Rodgers are continuing their love story. Nobody can rain on their parade and the fact that their friends and family rallied together to show their support says a lot. Plus, for a couple that's used to having cameras in their faces on a reality show, I'm sure it's tough to actually surprise them. So it's sweet to see a candid moment in their post-Bachelorette relationship.

Here's a photo round-up from the party, which looks like a love-filled event.

The Whole Crew

It's definitely a good sign that these soon-to-be in-laws are getting along.

Brotherly Bonding

Mirror selfies may feel so MySpace, but this one of the Rodgers brothers is super precious — I can't even complain about the outdated trend.

The Big Surprise

Luckily, Luke captured the surprise on film. The video is a little dark, but look at those faces! They're so shocked and happy.

When looking at these photos and reading the captions, I don't doubt the genuineness of their bond. I can't be the only one already looking forward to their future wedding, right?