Caila & Brett Aren't Together After 'BiP,' Right?

All is not well in Paradise for Jared. According to previews, Caila will hit it off with Brett on Bachelor in Paradise, which means Jared's time with Caila may be over. After Jared found someone that made his face light up like no one else before on Bachelor in Paradise (at least that's what fellow Season 2 alum Carly said) with Caila, Ashley came to Paradise with her mighty storm of tears to distract Jared and Caila's budding relationship. Yet, Ashley is not who might actually ruin Jared's chances with Caila — that would be Brett. Honestly, I thought Caila and Jared could be a Bachelor in Paradise OTP (though I am quite skeptical that even exists), but since Caila seems to be into Brett, are Brett and Caila still together? Let's dig deep to find out just how heartbroken Jared may be.

OK, first off, let's talk about Brett Melnick. He hasn't been a notable presence in Bachelor Nation since he was on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette (with Nick and Josh) when he was eliminated in week three. Yet, when he rolls into Paradise, he's literally going to shake things up by the looks of it with a boat date that features him giving a lap dance to Caila. Professional twin Emily, who was pining over Jared herself previously, will join in on the fun with new arrival Carl giving her a lap dance as well.

From the looks of the press photo from ABC above, this wasn't a spontaneous decision to do some dirty dancing on the boat since you can see an emcee in the right corner. This makes me believe that while Caila does seem to be enjoying herself, it wasn't necessarily her idea to have Brett grind on her. But just because she may not have instigated the lap dance, it doesn't mean that she couldn't be interested in Brett. In a clip that Yahoo shared of the Aug. 22 episode, Caila is shown vacillating between going on this date with Brett (he asked her) or hanging back to make Jared happy. ABC's preview for the episode also had Caila telling Jared that she was "unsure about how I feel," but regardless of her uncertainty, viewers know she's going to go on that date with Brett.

Yet, one lap-dance date does not make a lasting relationship and the above clip shows that Caila cares enough about Jared (or at least cares enough about being perceived as nice) to ask him how he feels about her going on a date with another guy. That makes me think she really likes Jared, but doesn't want to lose out on the full Bachelor in Paradise experience. Since she's pretty new to Paradise herself, she's allowed to feel "unsure" and she's only been on one date with Jared! The woman is allowed to live it up a bit since that's what being in Paradise is all about. And though she seemed pretty stoked in the preview to be getting down on her date with Brett, something tells me this will be a short-lived fling with the hair stylist from Andi's season. While that doesn't mean that she'll definitely end up with Jared, it does give hope for those 'shipping Jared and Caila.

The reason I'm fairly confident that Bachelor in Paradise is toying with fans' emotions when it comes to how seriously Caila is taking this Brett date is because the show is fantastic at manipulating scenarios in its previews. For instance, remember the Season 3 Bachelor in Paradise promo? Take a look at it again now that the season is well on its way to see just how misleading some of the cuts are.

The preview made it seem like Chad was responsible for sending Evan to the hospital, which viewers now know is not true. So maybe the same is being done with showing how interested Caila is in Brett? And I fully acknowledge that this next argument is slightly counterintuitive when you consider how I just said you can't trust Bachelor in Paradise previews, but Brett is not featured in the Season 3 promo, but as-of-yet unseen footage of Caila and Jared was, which makes me think that Caila will end up giving her rose to Jared — not Brett — on Aug. 22.

So while Brett is getting back into the Bachelor world with his appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, I don't expect him to date Caila or stick around for too long. But Jared and Caila fans, don't hold me to that just yet.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)