Wren Is Officially Returning To 'PLL'

It's finally official. After much speculation and anticipation, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Monday that Julian Morris is returning to Pretty Little Liar s as Dr. Wren Kingston (if that's really his name) and will appear in the back half of Season 7. Seeing as this major announcement comes on the heels of PLL's 7A season finale, which airs Tuesday, Aug. 30, it has to mean Wren will either make an appearance in the summer finale, is discovered to have a major connection to the latest mystery in Rosewood, or as many have suspected for quite awhile, is Uber A.

In June, creator I. Marlene King tweeted that Morris would return to PLL at some point in Season 7, but remained mum on details, including when fans would see him again. Thanks to THR, that has all changed. However, what brings Wren back to the series is uncertain. When it comes to PLL, details are always kept under wraps, so I can only imagine he will be incorporated into the major story line somehow.

Ever since Wren first appeared in PLL (in the pilot), he's been sketchy. Whether he was set to marry Melissa Hastings, hitting on Spencer Hastings (yes, Melissa's sister), kissing Hanna Marin (it still makes me cringe), or just being creepy like most of the men in the series, fans haven't had a good feeling about him. Since Morris is once again taking on Wren, this can only mean one thing: Wren is totally Uber A and has been the masked person torturing the Liars in Season 7.

Plus, let's think back to the Aug. 2 episode, "Wanted: Dead or Alive," when Alison was attacked in her home by a masked intruder. The mask looked an awful lot like the one above Morris shared in April. Furthermore, the fact that Wren has an English accent like Dr. Rollins, aka Archer Dunhill, has an ominous connection to Charlotte, and was once shown coloring a photo of a woman (was it Jessica, Mary, or someone else?) wearing a red jacket similar to Red Coat, paints him as the prime suspect.

All of those are plausible signs that Wren = Uber A. And now that Morris is coming back as Wren? I don't know about you, but I feel pretty confident in placing a bet that he is after the Liars and is up to no good, whatsoever.

Image: Freeform