The 17 Best Netflix Movies About Friendship

When it comes to movies, I think everyone is pretty familiar with the main genres. You've got your comedies, your dramas, your action films, horror movies, etc. These can then then be broken down even further based on their themes. There are political dramas and romantic comedies, sci-fi action films... but one film type that often flies under the radar are movies about friendship. They don't draw a ton of attention, but there are a lot of films celebrating friendship out there, and they deserve to be seen. Thankfully, many of these movies about friendship are on Netflix.

So what does it take for me to classify a movie as being about friendship? Well, in some way, shape, or form, a non-romantic relationship needs to be at the center of the film. This bond can be between two people, two animals, a group of people, a group of animals, and in a couple of cases, a human and an alien. Using these guidelines, I’ve been able to find a bunch of shining examples of movie friendships on everyone’s favorite streaming service. So call up your best friend (or your favorite alien), and check out these 17 Netflix movies about friendship.

1. Mean Girls

High school is all about finding the friends that matter.

2. The Land Before Time

Proof that people (or in this case, dinosaurs) can become friends regardless of their differences.

3. E.T.

Sharing Reese's Pieces is the fastest way to make friends.

4. Frances Ha

A great example of a modern, adult friendship.

5. St. Vincent

Like unlikely friendships? Then you'll love this story about cranky old Bill Murray and a goody two-shoes kid.

6. Lethal Weapon

Buddy cop movies are probably the most frequently made friendship movies, and this is perhaps the best of the genre.

7. Crossroads

Road movies are great for movies about friendship, because no matter the perils of the journey, true friends always stick together in the end.

8. Explorers

When friends work together, there's nothing they can't accomplish — and that includes traveling to outer space.

9. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is about a lot of things, but central to its story are Forrest's three great friendships with Jenny, Bubba, and Lieutenant Dan.

10. My Girl

Sure it's sad, but it's also a beautiful portrait of childhood best friends.

11. The Little Prince

The newest entry on this list, this animated gem proves that a friendship can be life-changing.

12. Swingers

When you're down, it's good to have a friend who can help pick you back up — and to tell you you're so money when you don't even know it.

13. Clueless

Every Cher needs a Dionne in her life.

14. The Little Rascals

There's always room for more friends, as this film about harmony between feuding groups of friends proves.

15. Charlotte's Web

There are no rules on who can and can't become friends.

16. Tommy Boy

Who says you can't become friends with someone you hate?

17. Lilo & Stitch

Everyone knows a dog is a person's best friend, and although Stitch isn't an actual dog, he still makes for a great pal.

These movies about friendship are all special in their own way, and they deserve to be seen with a special person. So if you've been looking for an excuse to reach out to a friend with whom you've lost touch, now's a good time to do so.

Images: Paramount Pictures