How Does Pokemon Appraisal Work?

The creators of "Pokemon Go" have released another updated feature called Pokemon Appraisal, and it will be your go-to for gym battles. If you haven't set foot in a Pokemon gym, you will want to find out how Pokemon Appraisal works before jumping in. The update will help you learn which Pokemon in your possession are ready for battle and which need a little more care. Hopefully by learning this ahead of time, you will save yourself a lot of Super Potions.

A few weeks back at San Diego's Comic-Con, a panel revealed that those team leaders we picked at the start of the game will play a role in the game's functionality. With Pokemon Appraisal we get our wish fulfillment. The update will have your team leader tell you exactly what they think about each Pokemon you ask them about. And let me tell you, they do not pull punches. Their brutal honesty has me a little concerned about stepping inside of a gym, but I'm glad! I would rather find out bad news from a friend than stranger.

So how does Pokemon Appraisal work? Basically you can choose any of the Pokemon on your roster and check in with your team leader. Instantaneously, he or she will give you a breakdown of their most powerful features and what they think of the Pokemon overall. Using this information you can either go straight to a gym or work on powering them up. I tried it with my most powerful Pokemon — Arcanine.

Since I evolved him into my top slot I felt very confident that he would get top marks. I mean, just look at him! To get to the Pokemon Appraisal just hit the green circle with three lines inside to take you to the menu.

The appraise button is now represented by a ribbon. How cute! When you tap it with your finger, your team leader appears to give you the low down.

I'm ready. I couldn't wait to hear all the wonderful things I already knew about my Arcanine. Was it the most powerful one she'd seen? Was he ready to kick some major gym butt? Apparently not.

Oh. OK, then. Thanks, buddy. Way to not sugarcoat the whole thing at all. Turns out my Pokemon is not one that can succeed in a gym battle. To add insult to injury this is what she finished our interaction with:

Ex-squeeze me?! My Arcanine isn't tiny. Also, hasn't anyone told you that size doesn't matter?! I won't lie, I kind of dig the sass levels on this update. After all, I can't take anything seriously from a character dressed like a Hunger Games general. I'll just be over here, powering up my tiny little Pokemon. See you at the gym!

Images: Dasha Fayvinova