Victor May Have Another Chance At 'Big Brother'

It's been a crazy week in the Big Brother house, with co-HOHs Natalie and Michelle flip-flopping on their targets and Paul using the Power of Veto to take himself off the block. After the PoV was used, Michelle put Corey up on the block with Victor, which left the week squarely in James' lap. So James was the swing vote this week on Big Brother, and Victor and Paul knew it. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to sway James, Victor was evicted from Big Brother 18again.

Paul and Victor knew that if they wanted to stay in the house together one more week, they needed to get James to be on their side. In a near genius game move, Paul concocted a plan to drive a wedge between the showmances (Nicole/Corey and James/Natalie). So, Paul cozied up to Nicole and Corey while Victor went to James and Natalie and pretended to be disappointed at Paul's supposed untrustworthiness. The idea was to cast doubt in Natalie and James as to the power of the Paul and Victor duo. The plan almost worked, with James and Natalie briefly considering to try to make a deal with Victor and save him only if he would turn on Paul. However, in the end, James voted to evict Victor, and in a two to one vote, Victor was sent packing.

This might not be the last we see of Victor, however. Thursday night's episode also saw the return of the Jury Buyback, in which one member of the jury could win their way back into the competition. For the BB18 Jury Buyback competition, all five jurors — Zakiyah, Bridgette, Da'Vonne, Paulie, and Victor — were allowed back into the Big Brother house to compete in the HoH competition. If one of them wins, they'll be back in and they'll be the new Head of Household. However, if someone still in the game wins, then no juror will be invited back.

Odds are, Victor's gone for good, but then again, you never know with Big Brother.

Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS; Giphy