These Camp Glossier Shirts Are Too Cute

So cute! Glossier has certainly cultivated an image of being a cute, cool, and fun brand, as well as a cute, cool, and fun place to be employed. As you know, Glossier sells skincare and beauty products that help you achieve that fresh, dewy, and most importantly, minimal makeup look. The brand also offers Glossier merch on its own, like the pink zip bubblewrap pouches in which products are shipped, as well as pins, a sweatshirt that was originally created for staff to wear when the offices got chilly, and more. There was even an orange Glossier visor at one point, which was part of a promotion. Now, the brand has posted a shot of a heather gray tee, with "Camp Glossier" spelled out in white block letters, on its Instagram.

Based on the caption and other posts, it looks as though Glossier was having a team-building, company outing and created these adorbs tops, among other items, for its staff.

Of course Glossier fans loved the shirt and the logo upon seeing it. Glossier devotees began asking if the brand would start selling these new shirts on the merch section of the site. Fans adore Glossier and want to display their passion for the company on their person. It's a "G" thing.

Check out the Camp Glossier shirt below.

Insanely cute, right? It's an athleisure piece that could be dressed up or down.

This screenshot of the captions of the Team Glossier shirt post highlight the love fans have for the brand.

See the shirts in action! Based on some of these captions, there were other Camp Glossier pieces, like bathing suits. Ooh!!!

Is a Camp Glossier line coming to the site's store? Will the brand manufacture a collection of Camp Glossier pieces for fans and shoppers? Or will the items remain company-only? Time will tell. If demand were the sole dictator, I would say yes, especially since Glossier incorporates customers and their input into its offerings and connects with shoppers on an immediate, personal level. But it still remains to be seen.

Sweatshirt, $60,

While the status of Camp Glossier merch is TBD, this is the soft and cozy sweatshirt if you want to grab one of those. It looks like something to live in.

It comes in lots of sizes, is way cute, and shows your love of Glossier. It was also produced in response to fan demand... hence why I think we may be seeing some Camp Glossier merch. We can wish and hope, can't we?

Images: Glossier/Instagram (1); Emily Weiss/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Glossier (2)