Why Isn’t Kylie Jenner At The 2016 VMAs? The Reality Star Has A Perfectly Valid Reason

Leading up to the MTV Video Music Awards, Kim Kardashian is busy polling her followers about what she should wear to the award show. Meanwhile, her little sis Kylie Jenner is doing the exact opposite. On Sunday morning, Jenner announced she isn't attending the 2016 VMAs. But before you get too upset with the reality star, she actually has a legit reason. After a fan asked if she'd be at the show, the 19-year-old tweeted a sad face and confirmed her absence. Explaining a bit further, she wrote,

Because I'll be in New York next week & I didn't want to make two trips or be away from home too long!

Honestly, Jenner is always on the go. Can you blame her for wanting a night to herself? Over the weekend, she went on a private jet to Las Vegas with her boyfriend Tyga and his son. Going all the way to the opposite coast — when she'd be in NYC next week anyway — sounds like a lot of effort. Plus, it's not like she or Tyga are nominated for any awards. She can enjoy the show from the comfort of her couch, just like the rest of us. If she's revealed anything about herself to fans on Snapchat, it's that she's a low-key person, who prefers to hang with friends above all else. Maybe she'll even have a viewing party with all of them.

Still, while her reasoning makes sense, that didn't stop fans from being disappointed. In response to one person's crying gif tweet (see above), Jenner wrote, "We are going to get through this together! Lol." What I'm taking that to mean is that she'll watch from home and follow along on either Twitter or Snapchat. Personally, I'd love to see her live reactions if her brother-in-law Kanye West takes home any trophies — or pulls any of his usual shenanigans.

At the end of the day, you can't blame Jenner for wanting to take it easy and not overbook herself. It's understandable that her fans are upset, but I bet they get where she's coming from. Now with that mystery solved, I'm hoping Taylor Swift can explain her rumored absence from the VMAs too. It just won't be the same without T. Swift dancing in her seat in the front row.