You Won't Find T. Swift At The VMAs

Before you grab some popcorn and plop down on the couch for Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, there's one thing you should know. Taylor Swift is not attending the VMAs this year, according to People. Nope, this means there won't be any clashes with Kanye West or side-eyes from her ex Calvin Harris. You won't get to see her roll up to the red carpet with her squad or lay on the PDA with Tom Hiddleston. Is this good news or bad news? It all depends how you look at it. To miss out on such a huge night in music, she must have a solid reason why.

A source close to MTV and Swift exclusively told People, "Taylor was never scheduled to attend the VMAs." To me, that statement sounds so matter of fact, as if her attending the award show was out of the question. Considering Swift has been a staple at the MTV show in year's past, this is certainly a little surprising. She may not have any new music out, but she's still a major recording artist and deserves to be there as much as everyone else.

To help sort through any feelings of disappointment or surprise, I've rounded up a list of suspected reasons as to why Swift will be a no-show at this year's VMAs. No one knows for sure, but there's evidence to support the following possibilities.

She's Not Down For The Kanye Drama

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A certain couple, better known as Kimye, will be in attendance. West is nominated for Video of the Year for the song "Famous," which has that infamous Swift diss. It's the same song that sparked the blow-up between Kim Kardashian and Swift, where the reality star exposed the "22" singer for giving her approval to West's song (or at least part of it).

After all of that drama, it'd make sense if she prefers to avoid it entirely. I could easily see Yeezy taking the mic and making not-so-subtle reference to Swift, not unlike what she did at the Grammys.

It'd Be Awkward To See Her Ex

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Ever since Swift and Harris broke up, things haven't exactly been peachy keen between these exes. He said he wasn't jealous of Swift's new relationship, in fact he reportedly deemed himself "free." The DJ also posed with the aforementioned arch-nemesis, Kardashian. For this reason, if these two saw each other at the VMAs, something tells me it wouldn't be all rainbows and butterflies.

Harris will most likely be at the show, since he's nominated for two awards — including Best Male Video. Interestingly enough, the song he's up for ("This Is What You Came For") was written by Swift, so she would be partly responsible if he takes home a trophy. Who knows if he'd actually thank her onstage.

Swift & Tom Hiddleston Have Been Laying Low

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Remember when Swift and Hiddleston first started dating and were spotted everywhere together? They traveled to Nashville and London and Rome — all within the span of two weeks. Coincidence or not, they've been laying low ever since all the Kimye drama happened. Maybe she's tired of the overexposure and wants to stay out of the spotlight for once.

While it would've been precious to see Hiddleswift on a red carpet, I imagine their time will come soon enough. They'll make their debut when they're ready.

She's Working On Bigger & Better Things


Since she doesn't have any songs nominated, maybe she's busy recording her next album. Instead of attending an award show that's not necessarily about her, she could be in the studio putting together her best work yet. Maybe it has nothing to do with avoiding drama from people like Harris and Ye. Plus, I'd like to think she'd rise above all of that anyway.

Another totally plausible option is that she'd rather be at home watching the show in PJs with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and glass of wine. That's how I will be spending the night, so maybe deep down Swift is just like the rest of us.