9 Reasons Book-Lovers Make The Best BFFs

by Julia Seales

Some people may think that readers can’t be good friends, but I know that book-lovers make the best BFFs. According to the stereotype, bookworms would always rather be curled up in a window seat somewhere with a mug of tea and a novel. If they’re always caught up in fictional worlds, that means they won’t have time for the real one. Not to mention that if you don’t like reading, you won’t have anything to talk about with them. And when it comes down to it, their hobby just doesn’t make them the best candidates for BFFs.

Or does it?

The truth is, book-lovers make for incredible riends. Whether you’re a reader or not, you should befriend people who love to read. There’s a lot more to bookworms than sitting in window seats and reading (though, of course, that’s a big part of it). When it comes down to it, book-lovers actually make the best BFFs, so you should go befriend as many of them as possible, if you can track them down (here’s a hint: they’re usually found in libraries or bookstores). Here are just a few of the reasons why your book-loving BFF will change your life for the better.

1. They're Empathetic

Readers are more empathetic — it's scientifically proven. After all, we spend plenty of time imagining ourselves in the shoes of protagonists. Your reader BFF will probably be very compassionate, because they've had plenty of practice.

2. They Give Great Advice

I have a friend who hasn't read Harry Potter, so when she needs advice, I send her Dumbledore quotes and she thinks I'm extremely wise. But seriously, readers give the best advice, because they've faced every problem possible. Perhaps they faced it in a fictional world, but that doesn't mean they won't know exactly what to say to help you out.

3. They Are Good Listeners

Reading a book is a lot like listening — you sit there without talking and let another person's story take over. So readers are great listeners, because we're accustomed to the practice. We'll let you tell us stories all day long.

4. They're Patient

Check out your reader friend's bookshelf. Are there several books on there that look like they have 1000+ pages? Does your reader friend always talk about how much they love these books? This indicates that they are very patient, and know that sometimes the best things take a little time.

5. They Know What To Do In Any Situation

Whatever happens, readers have probably encountered similar situations in a book. And they've always got you covered. Whether you're trying to catch the eye of a single man of good fortune, or considering attending a large but intimate party, or you fell down a rabbit hole into a new world, the bookworm will know what to do.

6. They Know How To Tell A Good Story

Since they've read a million stories, bookworms also know how to tell a good story. They can make even a mundane activity hilarious or interesting or exciting.

7. They're Easy To Buy For

You don't have to stress about buying presents for your bookworm BFF. It's easy: just buy them a book.

8. They Think Of Great Ways To Fill Time

Since bookworms have read about tons of different scenarios, they have a lot of ideas about how to fill time. These ideas don't have to stay on the pages — your BFF bookworm will probably jump at the chance to live out their favorite stories. You'll never be bored with a book-lover as your friend, because they'll probably try to convince you to become characters in their favorite story.

9. They Can Always Give Great Book Recommendations

You don't have to love reading to appreciate a bookworm BFF, but it certainly has its perks. Namely, book-lovers are usually happy to give book recommendations, so you'll never be without a TBR list. Being friends with a reader definitely has its perks.

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