Can You Guess Which 'Real Housewives' Star Said These Quotes?

Not one season of The Real Housewives ever goes by without the ladies that make that show so famous having some choice words for each other. In fact, it wouldn’t be a season of Real Housewives without some memorable quotes that are worth turning into T-shirts and other fun memorabilia. Because no matter how many times these women fight (and no matter how many times they make up), there are always quotes from each season that become the stuff of legend. But, do you know your Real Housewives well enough to guess which Real Housewives star said the series' most famous quotes?

After umpteen seasons and more iterations of the show than I can even begin to count, some of these famous Housewives moments definitely start to blur together a bit. Still, it’s worth testing our knowledge as fans every now and then to make sure that we never forget these unforgettable quotes.

So get your minds right, Real Housewives fans. It’s time for the ultimate test of your Housewives knowledge. Take a look at each quote and then scroll down past the GIF to find out who said each infamous quote. And don’t be swayed by the head wagging and finger shaking housewives below. Just because a housewife is pictured below the quote, doesn’t mean that she was the one who said it. She’s just there to judge you and make you feel second-guessed. It wouldn’t be the Real Housewives without that.

1. “Don’t Be All, Like, Uncool.”


I would never.

2. “He Will Never Emotionally Fulfill You.”


This line rang out like a shot to the stomach. Or a cigarette to the stomach.

3. “You Are Psychotic, Jesus Jugs!”


Real Housewives reunions are the best. They have all season to think up those amazing one-liners.

4. “Is ‘B*tch’ Better?”


Sometimes these lines come right in the heat of the moment.

5. “What Are You Doing Here Without Dorinda?”


A simple question can easily become memorable. It’s all about the inflection.

6. “Get Off My Jock.”


The stuff of T-shirts and memes. This quote is one you should never forget.

7. “No Matter How Many Chanels You Borrow, You Will Never, Ever Be A Lady.”


The ultimate insult of the entire Real Housewives franchise. Ever.

8. “Bye, Wig.”


Brevity is best when it comes to throwing shade at your fellow Housewives.

9. “At Least I Don’t Do Crystal Meth In The Bathroom All Night Long.”


Sometimes things get a little too personal between the women, and this was definitely one of those times.

10. “While You Are In High School, I Am In Brooklyn.”


I… still don’t know what this means.

11. “Let Me Tell You Something About My Family...”


Family is a big theme for a lot of the women on the show, but no one cares about family more than the Housewife who said this famous line.

Ready for the answers?

Here they are...

1. Luann De Lesseps2. Allison DuBois3. Tamra Judge4. Teresa Giudice5. Sonja Morgan6. Bethenny Frankel7. Faye Resnick8. Nene Leakes9. Brandi Glanville10. Alex McCord11. Caroline Manzo

So… how’d you do? If you got them all, you deserve a commemorative T-shirt. Preferably with your favorite Real Housewives quote on it.