Carly May Have Met Evan's Kids After 'BiP'

There is so much to love about this season of Bachelor in Paradise. From the hilarious shots of crabs to the tears of lovestruck contestants, the show has been amazing. The beaches of Mexico are filled with pretty people kissing and making promises to one another. One of my favorite couples in Paradise is country singer Carly Waddell and Erectile Dysfunction Specialist Evan Bass. Their relationship has gone up and down and then back up again. Carly seemed confused about what she felt, while Evan was strong willed in his love for her. In the midst of it all, they have emerged as one of the strongest couples of the season. Rumors have swirled of an end of show engagement and a possible life started together post Paradise. Evan is the father of two boys though, so the question becomes, has Carly met Evan's kids after Bachelor in Paradise?

I think that, if these two are really engaged, it is more than likely that Carly has met Evan's kids. Unlike some of the couples to come out of Bachelor world shows, these two live in the same place: Nashville. It would be very easy for him to secretly bring over his kids for a meet up.

Evan is not shy about introducing his children to his Bachelor world friends. He posted this Instagram with his boys meeting his Bachelor bros. If Evan took the time to introduce his kids to his Bachelor friends, it's not a crazy reach that he also introduced them to his Paradise lady love. Carly has proven herself to be funny and level headed. She may not have kids yet but she does have an adorable puppy. And a puppy is pretty close to a kid, right? I mean they both take responsibility, love, and a bit of patience to raise.

OK, a puppy may not be complete proof that Carly is ready for kids or has met Evan's children. But, I do think that Carly feels settled and would be willing to meet Evan's kids. Again, they live in the same place, so it would be so easy.

If their love lasted post Paradise, it is very possible that families have met. Of course, their survival as a couple is still not confirmed. Although everything points to them still being in love, it must be difficult to watch the show back. Any questions brought up by the show airing could have delayed a meeting of Evan's children. But social media love and pictures of them potentially spending time in Evan's apartment make it seem like the show didn't create any relationship-ending issues.

Carly, Evan, and his kids would form a nice little Nashville family, so I hope it all works out!