These Are The Colors In ABH's New Mini Gloss Set

Anastasia Beverly Hills has done it again. Another new product has hit the shelves, and it's one that everyone needs to get their hands on for fall. Why? Because the Anastasia Beverly Hills fall mini gloss set's colors range from peachy hues to deep berries, and each one is more perfect than the next. While they're currently available over at the brand's website, I doubt they'll last for long, and if the swatches are any indication of their pigmentation, they definitely shouldn't because they're perfect.

While Anastasia Beverly Hills may be predominantly known for their killer liquid lipsticks and brow products, these glosses are certainly going to rival them. Even if you think of the Brow Definer or the Moonchild glow kit when you think of the brand, it doesn't mean their other products should be pushed to the wayside. This year alone they've debuted new foundation sticks alongside that super popular Moonchild kit. While brows may have been their forte for some time, they've clearly branched out, and these glosses show just how much.

On Thursday, the new fall glosses launched on the brand's website and swatches of them appeared on their Instagram. The super pigmented, high gloss shine is enough to make any beauty junkie whip out their credit card. So what colors come in the mini gloss set? Pretty much anything you could want.

In my opinion, the most stand-out shade is clearly Carla, the stunning berry red. A close second, though? That beautiful bronze of Maple that looks good on all skin tones. You can't sleep on the boldness of Berry, though.

Raisin, a neutral dusty rose hue, Amber, a peachy nude, and Rum, a brown shade made up the more neutral side of fall. Basically, ABH covered all of there basis with this lip gloss set. So get those credit cards out before these beauties are all gone.