A Tribute To 'BiP' Star Ashley I.'s Dog, Lucy

Whether you love, hate, or are simply confused by Ashley Iaconetti's behavior on Bachelor in Paradise , you cannot look me in the eye and say that she doesn't make for good television. In fact, I can't even imagine BiP Season 3 without Ashley I. At this point, homegirl's carrying the show, and though I might not agree with all of her decisions, I just want Ashley I. to be happy. I'm sure her deceased dog, Lucy (R.I.P., Lucy), felt the same way. In fact, Lucy happened to be such a big part of Ashley I.'s life that BiP dedicated a whole segment to the canine, who just recently tragically passed away. So, In the spirit of Lucy, and Ashley I.'s happiness, I am here to do the same, and pay tribute to Lucy the dog just as she deserves

You see, without Lucy looking over Ashley I., I would be much more concerned for her future. But once Lucy — wonderful guardian angel she is — subtly made her presence known in Mexico, things started getting better for Ashley I. First, Wells showed up looking adorable. Then, he asked Ashley I. out on a date, and the two even looked like they had a good time. They talked about her favorite band Hanson, and actually ate food together (a rarity in the Bachelor world). After that, Caila and Jared went home, and even though Ashley I. was initially upset to see her good friend and person-she's-totally-in-love-with (Jared) leave, she likely knew somewhere deep down that his departure benefited her greatly. It's Ashley I.'s time to shine, people, and it's all thanks to one fluffy and adorable white dog and her higher powers. Below, enjoy some highlights from Lucy's life as we pay our respects and look forward to all that she will continue to do for Ashley I. from above.

Lucy The Dog Model

The greatest undiscovered model of our time.

Lucy In The Car

Living the actual dream.

Lucy Not Wanting To Be Disturbed

I relate to this a lot.

Lucy Sitting At A Table

Is she waiting for food? If so, I also relate to this.

Lucy Sleeping Again

Lucy is me?

Lucy Getting Her Hair Did

I wonder what prompted this spa trip. A date maybe?

Wait, This Is Not Lucy?

Lucy's boyfriend, perhaps? He seems great. This also explains why she got a perm earlier.

Lucy's 15th Birthday Bash

Lucy — and her desire to eat that Birthday cake — continues her quest to be the most relatable dog of all time.

Lucy And Her Owner

Forget the suitors on BiP. If that's not the look of true love I don't know what is.

Rest in peace dear Lucy. You will be missed.

Images: ABC