Izzy & Vinny Are Meant To Be Post-'BIP'

Izzy and Vinny were definitely one of the cutest couples on Bachelor In Paradise , so I was exceptionally sad (but still ultimately understood) when Izzy wanted to try dating other people. I mean, you’re only young once and Bachelor In Paradise is like 21 days of filming. It’s hard to get to know a person in that amount of time to know if you want to date them, let alone marry them. But, after Izzy’s honesty, Vinny left Paradise and Izzy was left to hang out with Brett. Now that Izzy is out of Paradise, too, Izzy and Vinny totally need to get back together.

Couples who are steady on Bachelor In Paradise get a lesser amount of screen time because they’re not that interesting and dramatic, and that was Izzy and Vinny for the first weeks of filming. These two just meshed together, and they definitely had an instant connection — you really don’t see that much on Bachelor In Paradise. It usually takes a couple two or three dates to really gel. Izzy and Vinny are both attractive, smart, funny, nice people, and the fact that they were not together when they left Bachelor In Paradise (separately, of course) makes me think that they deserve a second chance together. Come on, guys!

Izzy called Vinny as she was leaving Mexico to beg for forgiveness, and unfortunately, Vinny told her that he just couldn’t be with someone that’s as “shallow” as she is, because she dumped Vinny in case she wanted to be with Brett instead. That’s not cool, Vinny! Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone makes mistakes when they’re falling in love. Also, Izzy and Vinny had known each other for, like, a week before he left? That’s barely any time. Izzy and Vinny should get back together in the real world, take things slow, and rekindle the flame that they sparked in Paradise.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC