Carly & Evan Won't Get Married Right After 'BiP'

The second time on Bachelor in Paradise was a charm for Carly Waddell. Last year, she dated Kirk DeWindt throughout Season 2, but they broke up during the final week. A year later, Carly left Paradise engaged to Evan "The Penis Guy," but will Carly and Evan get married after Bachelor in Paradise 3 ? I hope they do, because they've been a cute and fun couple to watch through this summer, but I think everyone should give them some time before they walk down the aisle and say "I do."

Jade and Tanner, the golden standard couple of BiP, married on Jan. 24, 2016, which was about four months after the Bachelor in Paradise 2 finale aired and publicly announced their engagement to viewers. Season 2 filmed in June 2015, so technically, Jade and Tanner got hitched seven months after they fell in love on the show. Could Carly and Evan have just as quick of a turnaround or will it take longer for these lovebirds to make it official?

Considering the fact that Evan has children, it could take this duo a bit longer than seven months to walk down the aisle, but that doesn't mean it would be any less romantic. Here's a few things they may face during their post-Paradise life together.

Carly Needs To Meet Evan's Kids

Carly told Glamour in an interview that she hadn't met Evan's three young sons yet, but she's really looking forward to it. "I told him I was nervous, and he said, 'They’re going to love you!'" she said. "I’m just so looking forward to it. I can’t even stop smiling about it; I’m so excited! And family-wise, he’s going to eventually meet my family. I’m not sure when that will be, but I want it to be really soon."

So add in that extra "getting to know you" time for the couple and their new family.

Meeting Each Others' Parents & Families

Carly told Glamour that they're looking forward to meeting each others' families as well, so you know it might take some time to get the whole brood together.

No Moving Necessary

Unlike most Bachelor franchise couples that have to move to be near each other, Carly and Evan already live close to each other in Nashville — a city that Carly wrote about loving on her blog. "I knew he was from Nashville, and that’s a huge thing for me," she told Glamour. "We live seven minutes away from each other. It’s out of control."

That saves at least a month or two of moving time — and there have been suspicions that Carly's been spending a lot of time at Evan's home, so perhaps they're already shacking up.

Adjusting To Reality

Let's face it — outside of Bachelor in Paradise, Evan and Carly have real jobs and real lives. And sadly, you can't sit by the pool, drink some margaritas, and just fall in love in the real world (I wish). So now comes the tricky part of aligning their busy schedules and fitting into each others' established lives, which, again, will be a little more challenging, since Evan has kids.

Wedidng Planning

The fun part! Evan and Carly will have to decide where, when, and how they'll tie the knot.

Getting Married

The finish line. Not many couples in the Bachelor franchise make it here, but I have faith in Evan and Carly.

Considering all of that, I'd say Evan and Carly could be engaged a tad longer than Jade and Tanner, but I'd listen out for wedding bells come 2017.

Images: Rick Rowell (2)/ABC