Josh & Amanda Are A Happy Family After 'BIP'

We can argue about who was on Bachelor In Paradise for the right reasons all the livelong day, but the fact of the matter remains that there is at least one couple who has left Mexico and made plans to start a new life together — Josh and Amanda. These two have been joined at the mouth since their very first date (that is, when Josh isn’t chowing down on a delicious extra-cheese pizza), and they’re pretty obsessed with each other. It looks like Josh is going to propose to Amanda in the finale, but are Josh and Amanda living together after Bachelor In Paradise ?

You may remember Josh from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette (he won the whole thing, only to have them break up a year or so later) and Amanda from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. Josh’s story really wasn’t that interesting to me when he was on Andi’s season — he was young and single and a former baseball player, natch — but Amanda? Amanda always intrigued me. You have this very young woman with two babies at home looking for a love on a reality show. That’s good television. Amanda was seeking a love match and someone to round out her adorable family, and it seems like she found it in Josh.

According to US Weekly, Amanda and Josh are indeed living together. Josh recently moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Amanda’s hometown of Irvine, California, and according to Josh, "Things are going amazing. I 100 percent believe that Amanda is somebody I could spend the rest of my life with." I mean, I would hope so, since you moved clear across the country and you’re involving yourself in the lives of two little baby girls — Kinsley, who is four, and Charlie, who is two. TMZ reported that the couple is also looking for a house in Atlanta, so maybe this will be a nice, big bi-coastal family.

Normally, anyone who gets together on The Bachelor or any of its spinoffs has to agree to stay cooped up until the show airs, lest they give away key plot points, but Josh and Amanda have not really followed that rule. TMZ published photos of Josh, Amanda, and her two daughters at the Orange County Fair, and the outlet claimed that the couple used the excuse that the girls were going a little stir-crazy all cooped up at home. I can see that, totally, but I also have a feeling that Josh and Amanda wanted people to see that they’re still together.

Josh and Amanda have faced plenty of controversy this season on Bachelor In Paradise. Josh faced allegations from some cast members that he wasn’t there for the “right reasons,” and there were a few altercations between Josh and new Bachelor Nick Viall in which Josh was a little over the top, in my opinion. Whatever the case, it seems like Josh and Amanda are a solid couple. In fact, their new life together would probably make for an interesting spinoff show, don’t you think?

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (2)