Jen Seems Done With 'Bachelor' Nick

Nick Viall was announced as the next Bachelor and shockwaves were sent through the Bachelor world. Nick is an interesting choice after twice being a runner-up and having a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of the show. His journey in Bachelor Nation has included a villain edit, a redemption arc, and a re-birth as our next leading man. Nick's many experiences within the series combined with my love for a good narrator, makes me excited about the decision to make him the lead. But, while many past contestants were supportive of Bachelor Nick when the decision was made, his current love interest in Bachelor in Paradise seems to have a different opinion. After dating him throughout Bachelor in Paradise, will Jen go on Nick's season of the Bachelor ? Not a chance.

Jen has made it clear that she isn't dancing for joy at the news that Nick will be the Bachelor. Fans still don't know what happened with Nick and Jenn in Paradise, as the episodes have not yet aired. But, even though we know the couple breaks up, it doesn't mean it was a clean break. Jen answered the question about competing for Nick's heart on The Bachelor via Twitter.

This direct answer clarifies where Jen stands on the matter. And, she's kept up similar humor since the announcement. When Nick went on After Paradise to reveal his new title, Jenn tweeted out this funny Amy Schumer meme.

The tongue and cheek response to her ex going on his new "journey" was perfect. I respect Jen for taking the entire situation with humor and grace. Jen also "liked" a funny Legally Blonde meme that related to her current predicament. She doesn't tweet out or like truly mean things, just approaches the situation with pointed humor.

As Bachelor in Paradise comes to a close, we will all get to see some of what happened in the Jen and Nick relationship. It will be important to take the edit however with a grain of salt. The Bachelor franchise has to paint Nick in a sympathetic light, as he is the next lead. What will happen to Jen and her story is still up in the air. No matter what, it is very clear that Jen is not going to pursue Nick on The Bachelor or outside the show.

Jen's friend Lauren also supports her friend leaving him behind. In an interview with Detroit's The Ticket radio station, Lauren said, "I think [Nick] is going to have a hard time finding someone better." She continued, "[Jen's] way better than him anyway."

No matter what happens, I wish both Nick and Jenn luck in the future. May they both find love on or off TV.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC