Zoella Lifestyle & Zoella Apartment Are Different

by Kali Borovic

This vlogger is back and it's in a big way. In case you missed the exciting news, Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, launched a lifestyle line. That means that on top of getting books, bath and beauty products, and an awesome YouTube channel, you can also now have Sugg design your homeware as well. There's been some confusion about the range though. You might be wondering if Zoella Lifestyle and Zoella Apartment are the same thing. Let me break it down for you.

While other YouTubers are busy doing collabs and creating makeup lines, Sugg is taking things a bit further with her own lifestyle brand. She's launching a whole line of homeware products that ranges from planters and planners to pillows and diffusers. It pretty much has everything you need to decorate every aspect of your home.

So what's the difference between Zoella Lifestyle and Apartment? Well, one is a place and the other is a product line. The brand has used the two interchangeably since it launched, so things got a bit confusing for some fans. To put it simply, the Zoella Lifestyle line is being shown off in the Zoella Apartment. The brand appears to be using the space as a way to display the new products in the images they've posted to social media, although the "apartment" doesn't appear to be a store that people can shop in, just to clarify.

As for all the adorable photos you've been seeing, those all came from the Zoella Apartment. It's not actually her place of residence. Instead it's a place to show off all of her adorable new holiday items, which include the lifestyle line.

There's no word where the Zoella Lifestyle line will actually be sold yet, but if it's anything like her beauty products, it will be sold exclusively at online retailers. The products will be out sometime in September, so there's not too much longer to wait for deets.

I don't know about you, but I want one of everything!

Images: zoellalifestyle/Instagram (1)