Zoella Lifestyle Is Coming Soon... Hopefully

If you were planning on redecorating your crib, your bedroom, your dorm, or your workspace with a young and modern take on shabby chic, there is a fab option on the horizon. English beauty and fashion vlogger, author, and YouTuber Zoe Sugg aka Zoella is launching a lifestyle line and it's insanely adorbs. The Zoella Lifestyle line consists of pillows, keychains, planters, planners, and more, so you can cozy up your space with so much cuteness that it's almost criminal. There have been plenty of social media posts teasing the collection. Since Zoella is UK-based, you have to be wondering: Will Zoella Lifestyle be available in the U.S.? Here's what we know so far and there's reason to have hope!

Twitter suggests that Zoella Lifestyle will be available online via Boots and Superdrug, which are UK retailers, on Sept. 19, and then in stores on Sept. 21. Boots ships internationally, although it also redirects to its U.S. site. So Zoella Lifestyle pieces could veritably ship overseas.

It's worth noting that Zoella's beauty line was made available in the U.S. via American Eagle and Tillys. Maybe that's an indication that the Zoella lifestyle items will also make their way to the U.S. via brick and mortar retailers, so shoppers can see and touch the items IRL... although they are cute enough to order based on online images alone.

Like so!

She's right — naps do fix everything because being tired sucks.

What a warm and inviting space. Um, can I move in?

Pencils, planners, planters, and books, oh my!

Here is the tweet that indicates the retailers and release dates of the Zoella lifestyle range.

For now, it looks like we might have to order online internationally and pay the shipping and customs fees. But we'll know for sure about that status and online availability once these cute housewares and lifestyle pieces become available online and provided they don't sell out.

It also appears that we'll have to wait a little longer until the Zoella Lifestyle items launch in the UK and see if there will eventually be a U.S. retailer. Here's to hoping, wishing, dreaming, praying, bartering with lifestyle deities, and more!

Images: Zoella Lifestyle/Instagram (3)