Why You Should Challenge Yourself To Style The Things You Never Wear In Your Closet

If you're anything like me, your closet probably consists of about ten pieces you wear constantly and dozens of things you forgot about. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should challenge yourself to wear the things you never wear in your closet, so let's embark on this journey of closet discovery together! You can hold my hand if you want to.

Scanning your wardrobe, you'll likely find garments that fit into the following categories: Things you wore once and hated, things you're saving for "best," nostalgic items you can't bear to part with, gifts from loved ones you'd feel rude to throw out, items you adore that don't fit anymore, things that you find aesthetically pleasing but super uncomfortable, stuff you spent a ton of money on yet are too afraid to wear, and items you deem only suitable for a specific occasion or time of year. Of course, you may have your own personal section that's way more specific such as, "Clothes my ex left behind" or "Old college merchandise." Whatever the reason, unless you're a minimalist, there's likely at least one item that you never wear, lurking in a dark corner of your closet.

It's time to bring your abandoned clothes into the light – like that epic scene in Beauty and the Beast . So I spoke with some fashion experts on why you should challenge yourself to start wearing the things you never wear, because a sweater is for life, not just for Christmas.

Ali Call a fashion stylist with GoodLooks tells me the benefits of getting reacquainted with your wardrobe. Call says, “Discover hidden gems or new ways to style as seasons change and fashion evolves. That fitted white top might have been too short to wear when waistlines were lower, but could be perfect for new, higher waisted silhouettes.” It’s safe to say that although fashion can be cyclical, it's also constantly changing, so an item you once retired for being unfashionable, may be trendy again when worn a different way.

Erin Sumwalt, Fashion Director at StyleWatch, believes that re-working garments is always a good idea. Sumwalt says, "I love to re-work pieces I have had in my closet for years. It's all about rethinking a particular item and figuring about how it can be modernized.” She explains, “A perfect example would be taking a classic fit-and-flare, strapless dress and layering it over a trendy bell sleeve button-down shirt."

Call explains how to make the most out of your wardrobe. She says, “Putting unworn items to the test is a great way to maximize your wardrobe's functionality. Your real-time experience with these pieces will reveal whether they should occupy valuable space in your closet or be let go.” Call adds, “Only pieces that you feel great in and make sense to the assortment are worth keeping.” Once you’ve tested out the pieces you rarely wear and concluded which ones don’t work anymore, let them go to make your closet more functional.

"Rediscovering a great old piece is like finding a twenty dollar bill in your jacket – unexpected and exciting.” Ali Pew, Senior Style Editor at InStyle tells me. “Most pieces can be given an instant update simply by pairing with something fresh, like a new bag or pair of shoes, or styling them in a different way.”

Pew adds an expert piece of advice, “You can also tailor old pieces to make them feel new – for example, if you have a great knee length pencil skirt, remove the hem and it becomes a midi skirt!"

So quit banishing your belongings to the bottom of your closet: Donate pieces you know you'll never wear again, style your old threads in new ways, and make contemporary updates to give items a new lease of life. By the time you've finished, you'll have an entirely different wardrobe!

Images: Unsplash (3), bottlein (1) /Pixabay; Annie Spratt (1) /Unsplash