What's In Benefit's Big Sexy Lip Kit? It's About More Than Just Lipsticks — PHOTOS

If you're looking for an all-in-one lip collection, then look no further. Benefits new makeup kit gives you everything you need for the perfect pout. What's in Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Lip Kit, you ask? There's four brand new products that are completely different than the other lipsticks out there. Believe me when I say you've never seen a collection quite like this.

Brace yourselves, because Benefit just upped the Lip Kit game in a big way. Not only have they launched four new lipsticks, but they're combining two staple lip products in one. It might seem like the kit comes with just four different twist-up tubes, but the products are way better than that. Each one of the rose-y lip shades comes with line on the end as well. That means you can line and fill your lips all with the same product!

The way they do it is by making the lipstick a tear-drop shape instead of just an oval. The end is made pointed, so you can easily line your lips. I absolutely love when companies think outside of the beauty box, and that's exactly what Benefit has done. Say goodbye to trying to pair the perfect liner and lipstick, because those days are over.

The best part is how many rosy shades you get. For $29, the price of one Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit, you can have four different colors and liners to go with it. How awesome is that! Of course, this is different than the lip kit formula, but the shades are just as stunning

Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Lip Kit 4-In-1 Lipsticks & Liners, $29, hsn.com

If you're looking to shop right now, you're in luck. The product is an HSN exclusive, which means you can buy it on the site right now. If you're looking to shop on the Ulta or Benefit website, you'll have to wait until Sept. 30.

Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Lip Kit 4-In-1 Lipsticks & Liners, $29, hsn.com

There's no word on whether this will be a permanent or special-edition product yet. I'd head over to the online shop and snag one while you still can, just to make sure.

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