22 DIY '90s Halloween Costumes For 2016

Now that October is in full swing, it is time to (finally) get our Halloween costume ideas in order. And thanks to the recent comeback of the ‘90s, it would not hurt to entertain making DIY ‘90s Halloween costumes. After all, many of these “throwback” ideas have managed to become relevant in today’s culture.

And since I am totally obsessed with Halloween, I knew I had to share some suggestions for easy ‘90s costumes. It is right up there with searching for fall pie recipes and spooky Halloween décor. Each idea on this list is comprised of different items that are styled together in a specific way. This technique is usually cheaper than purchasing a ready-made costume from a party store. To top it off, curating a costume made of separate pieces also gives you the chance to re-use items throughout the year. How's that for getting the most out of your money?

Many of these homemade costume ideas can be made with ordinary clothing items. You might even already have them in your closet. As always, do not be afraid to customize the outfit according to your style and personality. Most importantly, have fun and take pictures. Happy Halloween, folks!

1. Misty

In light of Pokemon's triumphant return from the '90s, dressing up as Misty is one of the most relevant things you can do this Halloween. Luckily, channeling this popular heroine requires just a few inexpensive pieces.

To start, you'll need a yellow tank top ($10, Topshop) and denim shorts ($40, Mango). If it's chilly on Halloween night, feel free to wear a long-sleeved yellow shirt and tights under your shorts. Top it off with red suspenders ($7, Amazon) and sneakers ($55, Amazon). Style your hair into a side ponytail.

2. Ash

The Pokemon goodness doesn't stop there. Dressing up as the one and only Ash Ketchum is just as easy.

Start with a blue sleeveless sweater vest ($16, Amazon) layered over a plain white t-shirt ($4, Amazon). You can also use a blue jean vest. Finish it off with fingerless green gloves ($8, Amazon) and a red and white trucker hat ($7, Amazon). Use a black marker or paint pen to recreate the motif on his hat.

3. Pikachu

If you're all about the adorable creatures of the Pokemon world, dress up as Pikachu for Halloween. Everyone adores this popular electric yellow mouse, after all.

Start with a Pikachu tank top ($5.30, Chic Nova) and yellow leggings ($6.99, Amazon). You can also wear a yellow skirt or pair of jeans depending on your style. Accessorize with a Pikachu costume kit ($13, Amazon) and you're ready for battle.

4. Jigglypuff

But wait... there's more. A DIY Jigglypuff costume offers yet another way of showing your love for Pokemon.

It also gives you the perfect excuse to wear a flirty pink tutu skirt ($48.37, Chic Wish). Complete the look with a Jigglypuff shirt ($18.99, With Chic). Lastly, practice your best lullabies for a night of serenading your enemies.

5. Courtney Love

Nothing says "grunge princess" like Courtney Love. Fortunately, '90s fashion has been making a serious comeback. You might even have all the essentials in your own closet.

Bring back that floral summer dress ($20, Charlotte Russe) and pair it with a black fabric choker ($3, Romwe). Slip into combat boots ($22,Charlotte Russe) and get ready to grunge it up.

6. Kurt Cobain

For another take on the rockstar vibe, consider dressing up as Kurt Cobain. This one is especially fitting for those who have shoulder length blond hair and a love for Nirvana.

Kurt's most recognizable look is easy to replicate. Wear a long-sleeved striped shirt ($40, L.L. Bean) and distressed jeans ($40, Old Navy). Done and done.

7. Carmen Sandiego

The mysterious Carmen Sandiego might be the only villain to star in an educational television show. Her iconic ensemble is also simple enough to copy.

You'll need a red trench coat ($79.20, Melissa McCarthy) and a red wide floppy hat ($33, Luxury Divas). Complete the outfit with black gloves ($36, Lord and Taylor). You'll stay warm and stylish all night long.

8. Lisa Simpson

Known as one of the few sane members of the Simpson clan, Lisa is a writer and a girl after my own heart. And while her first appearance was in 1987, she became one the most memorable characters of the '90s.

To dress up as Lisa, wear a chunky white pearl necklace ($8.98, ASOS) and a red strapless dress ($26, Boohoo). Make your own Lisa-inspired hair-do by applying yellow spray paint ($3.87, Home Depot) to a foam Statue of Liberty headband ($5.99, Amazon).

9. Marge Simpson

Are you more like Marge, Lisa's sassy mother? This fictional character, known by her vibrant blue beehive hair, is considered to be one of the top "TV moms" out there.

Start with a light-green dress ($12.99, Amazon). Wear a chunky red necklace ($13, Amazon) and an iconic mile-high blue wig ($16.86, Amazon) inspired by Marge herself.

10. Zenon

Disney Channel fans from the '90s will know exactly who Zenon is. It also goes without saying that her wardrobe might be one of best styles to replicate. I mean, who doesn't want a legitimate reason to wear pink metallic leggings?

To dress up as your favorite outer space heroine, layer a vibrant teal vest ($19.99, Amazon) over a pink long-sleeved shirt ($8.49, Epic Sports). Wear a teal skirt ($7.99, Amazon) over metallic neon pink leggings ($37.49, Overstock). Finish it off with black Converse ($50, Macys). Style your hair in pigtails and embellish your vest with pins.

11. Nebula

Zenon's partner-in-crime, Nebula, is just as rad. This outer space duo would make an amazing best friend costume idea for a pair of '90s babies.

Nebula's outfit is very similar to Zenon's ensemble. All you need to do is trade the teal vest and skirt for a purple vest ($19.99, Amazon) and skirt ($7.99, Amazon). Save on shipping by ordering these items at the same time.

12. Cher Horowitz

Nothing says '90s like the attitude and style of Cher Horowitz of Clueless. This 1995 film is an ultimate classic when it comes to this glorious decade.

Turn yourself into the one and only Cher by wearing a yellow cardigan ($44.99, Mod Cloth) over a white shirt ($14, Wear All). Style it with a yellow plaid skirt ($11.89, Pink Queen) and white knee high socks ($7.50, Kohl's).

13. Beanie Baby

We all know that Beanie Babies were all the rage during the '90s. Thankfully, you can use these popular toys as Halloween inspiration for this year's costume.

Start with any animal costume ($22.19, Pink Queen) and print out the "ty" heart logo. Tie it around your neck and you're good to go. This is an awesome method for re-using last year's animal costume (or hoodie) in a new way.

14. Britney Spears

Britney might be making a comeback, but you can't deny that she reigned the '90s. And while she has had many legendary costumes, her "...Baby One More Time" outfit represented her first superstar appearance.

Take it back to 1998 with a white cropped tie button-down shirt ($21.99, Amazon) layered under a gray cardigan ($15.97, Amazon). Wear a black pleated skirt ($16.99, Choies) and black knee-high socks ($7.99, Amazon). Style your hair into pigtails and pink pom-pom hair-ties ($1.86 each, Amazon).

15. Gwen Stefani

If you prefer edgier attire, a Gwen Stefani costume might be more up your alley. Her '90s style was so on point. Gwen always had a way of standing out and I'm all about it.

Dressing like Gwen in the '90s is extremely easy these days. Slip into a white crop top ($6.99, Charlotte Russe) or chop up a white tank top. Pair it with plaid jeans ($68, Tripp NYC), a chunky leather belt ($7, Boohoo), and a wallet chain ($5.77, Amazon).

16. Ms. Frizzle

Take a trip down memory lane with the one and only Ms. Frizzle of The Magic School Bus. This costume option is awesome for unleashing your inner science geek. Let's face it... Ms. Frizzle made science class so darn cool.

Transform yourself into Ms. Frizzle with an outer space dress ($42, Etsy/Candy Heart Clothing) and planet earrings ($2.99, Amazon). Top it off with an orange wig ($19.99, Amazon) styled into a messy bun.

17. Ginger Spice

A list of homemade '90s costumes wouldn't be complete without the Spice Girls. First up is Ginger Spice, who was known for her saucy and sassy attitude.

Creating a Ginger Spice costume is extremely easy. Wear a dress printed with the British flag ($29.99, Amazon) and a wig of teased red hair ($19.99, Halloween Costumes). Make a statement by completing the look with vibrant red platform heels ($37.95, Shoe Center).

18. Sporty Spice

Sporty Spice was the athletic one of the legendary girl group. She also happens to wear some extremely comfy outfits.

You'll need a sports bra ($6.21, Amazon), striped sweatpants ($19.99, Ameri Mark), and sneakers ($84.99, New Balance). Don't worry too much about the color scheme. As long as it's athletics gear, you're all set.

19. Posh Spice

For a costume that exudes a more refined attitude, go for Posh Spice. Her look is so simple that you might even already own all of the items needed.

Style a black strapless bodycon dress ($20.29, Charlotte Russe) with a short black wig ($25, ASOS) and black platform pumps ($23.09, Charlotte Russe). Finish off the costume with your best sophisticated attitude.

20. Scary Spice

Scary Spice was the fiery go-getter of the group. Between her strong personality and fierce style, she doubles as awesome inspiration for a memorable '90s costume.

You'll need a pair of leopard print pants ($24.99, Macy's), leopard tank top ($14, Fio Forma), and black platform pumps ($23.09, Charlotte Russe). Alternatively, you can get away with classic black boots. Finish the look with a cat ear headband ($6.50, Hot Topic).

21. Baby Spice

Last but not least, there's Baby Spice. This one is especially fitting for anyone that loves a healthy dose of cuteness.

Wear a pastel pink or blue dress ($17.06, Romwe), and white platform heels ($29, Amazon). If you have long blond hair, style it into a pair of pigtails. If not, top off your look with a blond pigtail wig ($19.99, Amazon).

22. Angelica Pickles

Angelica Pickles was the ultimate brat of the '90s. This girl knew how to throw a tantrum in order to get her way. Needless to say, Angelica doesn't mess around.

To channel your inner baby brat, layer a purple sleeveless dress over a red long-sleeved shirt. Slip into a pair of blue leggings ($5.99, Rainbow) and purple sneakers ($55, Nordstrom). Throw your hair into pigtails with two purple bow hair ties ($8.80 each, Amazon).

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