New 'Gilmore Girls' Picture Shows Rory Return to Stars Hollow High, But Why Exactly Is She There? — PHOTO

Man, those Germans have all the luck. Here we were, sitting around all day, waiting patiently for more information about the Gilmore Girls revival to fall ever so gracefully (and coffee-stained, let’s be real) into our laps, and the Germans are sitting there getting all the exciting new details. At least that is what happened in a recent issue of Bild am Sonntag, a German Sunday newspaper, when a completely new and never-before-seen still from the Gilmore Girls revival was plastered across its pages. Um, excuse me? How dare you release a new photo from the revival and not tell any of us about it? Especially since the headline, if true, reveals some pretty telling information about the new episodes, including speculation that Rory has returned to Stars Hollow High. But why exactly is she there?

Let’s take a stab at it, shall we? This picture may look fairly innocent, but it’s anything but, because the headline reads: “Finally reunited: Mother Lorelai and daughter Rory Gilmore in front of Stars Hollow’s High school. Beside them Luke.” And, OK, aside from the weird syntax of that weird translation, can we all just take a minute to appreciate the fact that the headline makes a point to describe them as being in front of the high school? Because, if Bild am Sonntag has it right, that seems big to me.

What makes it seem so big is all of the rumors (and publicity shots) that suggest the possibility that Rory might be teaching in her new life. For a while now, I assumed it would be at Chilton if it was going to be anywhere, but with this new still in the world, it’s very possible that she is teaching at Stars Hollow High, too. I mean, just look at that super profesh attire she is in. That definitely looks like work wear to me.

Of course it could just be that Rory’s style has changed drastically in the nine years since we’ve seen her and that these three stars just happen to be randomly standing in front of her old haunting grounds, but I prefer to believe that this picture reveals some pretty exciting stuff about Rory’s life in the revival.

Otherwise I have to go back to waiting for details that no one seems to want to give me. And that is a sad, sad place to be.

Image: Netflix