11 Spine-Tingling Ghost Makeup Tutorials

When deciding upon a Halloween costume for 2016, you might overlook the humble ghost. Much like the classic cat costume, you may feel like ghosts are old hat and people who dress as ghosts for Halloween all look the same. However, ghost makeup tutorials show that the ghost costume genre is anything but transparent. If you’re imagining a painted white face and a sheet, think again; ghosts have had a reboot.

To start, there are tons of types of ghouls, from ethereal waifs to nightmarish poltergeists, there’s a whole spectrum of spectres. It’s totally up to you what path you choose to take and you can bring out your own personality in your ghostly garb. You can take inspo from your favorite horror movies, the spookiest urban legends, or even your worst nightmares.

But, that’s not to say you need to spend a fortune on expensive outfits or elaborate prosthetics – with the choices being endless and the world your haunting ground, you can spend as much or as little on your costume as you desire. If you want to keep costs down, you’ll likely need some white face paint, paired with your own makeup, and clothes from your closet. So here's a selection of ghost makeup tutorials that’ll make you scream in delight or terror.

1. The Classic Ghost

When you think of ghosts, if you envisage deathly pale skin, dark sallow eyes, and long black hair, this is the tutorial for you!

2. The Ghost Bride

Romantic types are sure to fall head over heels for this pretty spooky ghost bride look.

3. The Black Tears Ghost

White contacts paired with black tears and black lipstick make for a creepy combo.

4. The Simple Spectre

If you're stuck for time or makeup's not really your forte, this easy tutorial has got you covered.

5. The Black Light Ghost

This rad tutorial provides two ghostly looks in one; when the wearer is seen under a black light, a set of scary teeth appear. As the vlogger suggests, it's an awesome way to give people a scare!

6. The Graphic Ghost

A pair of freaky contacts and a steady hand help to create this cartoony yet contemporary, ghoulish makeup.

7. The Glam Ghost

Just because you spend most of your time in graveyards now, doesn't mean you have to look gruesome. Feminine representing folks can opt for a more glamorous, but totally deadly look.

8. The Ethereal Snow Queen

This is a whimsical tutorial that'll be a favorite for life (and death) with all the quirky gals out there.

9. The Living Dead Ghost

Add another element to your ensemble with some faux spiders to spook all the arachnophobes on All Hallow's Eve.

10. The Ghost Of Lover's Past

It doesn't get more frightening than a creepy ex whose love never, ever dies. Become the ultimate, undead bunny boiler with this terrifying tutorial.

11. The Victorian Ghost

History lovers can wear their literal heart on their sleeves with this gorgeously ghoulish Victorian ghost inspired makeup look.

Put your own spin on your favorite spectral look this Halloween to give your loved ones a spook!

Image: Luxeria/YouTube