Kida Is The Next Generation Winner Of 'SYTYCD'

Get ready to see hip-hop sensation Kida on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine since Kida won So You Think You Can Dance during the Sept. 12 finale. Nigel mentioned right before the winner was revealed that Kida had entered the competition as perhaps the least trained dancer, but that didn't stop him from emerging as the victor. Along with being featured in the dance magazine, Kida also gets the bragging rights of being America's Favorite Dancer and a prize of $250,000. With his spunk and swagger, you know that Kida's going to be celebrating this win for a long time — and just as he should since he totally deserves this title.

When Kida's name was announced by host Cat Deeley during the So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation finale, the excitement Fik-Shun showed at his protégé winning perfectly demonstrated the way that Kida makes people feel. (Not to mention, the All-Star must have been pretty pumped since Fik-Shun won So You Think You Can Dance himself back in Season 10.) Whether Kida was low-key dominating his preferred style of dance with a mischievous smile on his face or impressing the judges and viewers by making a new style of dance his own, Kida's talent and personality made him lovable. Yes, he definitely knew he was good, but his confidence always came off as charming, not cocky, and in a competition filled with 10 amazing young dancers, he made himself memorable week after week.

Of course, Kida's win should not take away from the accomplishments of the other Next Generation dancers, in particular, the final four. Before Kida became the winner, Emma, Tate, and J.T. were eliminated in that order, but they should still be proud that they made it to the finale. Perhaps it was the fact that he was such a grounded performer who never had a bad week and also was crazy good at choreography, but something about Kida's talent just spoke to viewers and he can now say he's the youngest dancer to ever win So You Think You Can Dance.

Beyond his talent, Kida's story also made him a dancer worth rooting for since the young teenager lost his father in 2014. He had opened up about it in one of his first appearances on the show, so this win must be extra special for him — especially considering that Kida told the Sacramento FOX affiliate when The Next Generation season premiered that, "Every time I go on that stage, that's what I think of. I think of him. And I know he's watching down smiling down on me right now."

Kida's dancing made everyone who watched him smile and his genuine and generous performance style made him captivating every time he was on stage. And now that he is an official member of the So You Think You Can Dance winner's circle, he'll continue to bring joy to viewers for years to come.

Image: Adam Rose/FOX