12 Macro Tattoos That Will Make You Reconsider Your Fear Of The Needle — PHOTOS

In the fashion, beauty, and interiors worlds, minimalism has reigned for quite some time. However, some people prefer a different kind of aesthetic. Let's call them maximalists — and for those who love ink, there are some seriously cool macro tattoos that check all the larger-than-life boxes, because you're the kind of person that's proud of a "more is more" approach to existence.

The beauty of life is that we're all unique. If white marble worktops, cleverly placed cacti, and zero clutter as far as the eye can see turns you on, that's rad. However, if your mission in life is to collect mismatched china and display on random shelves all over your busy apartment that's already filled to the rafters with too many hat stands and random patterns galore — you go girl! You're a maximalist, and if you love tattoos, nothing should stand in the way of you expressing yourself, including fear.

To be fair, being afraid of needles is a very real phobia. It can be a hinderance when it comes to health care and it might leave ink-loving needle haters frustrated at the thought of not being able to express themselves via the medium of tattoos. Here are some awesome macro tattoos that might make you re-consider your fear of the needle and give you the guts to book your appointment.

1. The Lovely Leg Tatts

If you've decided on a macro tattoo, don't be scared! Dive in and get exactly what you want. You know in your heart that you'll likely love the finished piece. These illustrated legs are a gorgeous case in point!

2. The Rosy Shoulders

You might think macro tattoos can be overpowering and tend to lean more towards the masculine side of the gender spectrum. But, depending on your personal style, macro tattoos can be feminine too; as seen here in the form of these pretty roses that draw attention to the wearer's delicate collarbones.

3. The Cool Calf Tattoos

Quirky gals will love drawing inspo from these comedic croc and alligator calf tattoos. They'll surely make passersby smile if they catch a glimpse of them.

4. The Otherworldly Stomach Ink

If you believe humans are not alone in the universe, extraterrestrials could provide the ideal inkspo for your next piece. This sternum/stomach tattoo is definitely out of this world.

5. The Lunar Spine Tatt

Pay an homage to the moon with a divine spine tattoo featuring the moon's phases.

6. The Shoulder Blade Owl

Capturing the likeness of an enchanting owl in action and transforming it into ink form gives magical results.

7. The Colorful Pop Culture Reference

Weave your pop culture faves into your macro tattoo to show the world a little insight into your personality and what you're into. This beautiful ink, inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is subtly stunning and it's bound to be a conversation starter.

8. The Watercolor Stag

An upper thigh makes the perfect canvas for a majestic, watercolor stag.

9. The Cutesy Sleeve

Bring all of your favorite things together in the form of an arm full of art. This delightful sleeve was inked by tattoo artist Sam Tyson.

10. The Whimsical Chest Tatt

The chest is an awesome area to get a macro tattoo, because you can cover it and uncover it as the mood takes you.

11. The Sweet Side Piece

Keep what you love close to your heart with a superb side tattoo.

12. The Hip Ink

Who'd have guessed that hips would become a trendy spot for tattoos again? This contemporary ink by tattoo artist Karolina Skulska is anything but old hat.

Micro tattoos are cute, but macro tattoos have way more going on. The only thing that's left to do is beat your needle phobia once and for all, by booking your macro tattoo appointment!

Image: vinnymorristattoos/Instagram