13 'Full House' Moments No True Fan Will Ever Forget

Being a Full House fan is a lifetime gig. Once you have met the extended Tanner family brood, it's all over, you are a fan for life. As a true Full House fan, there are moments you will never forget. I'm not talking little things like the inherent greatness of Mr. Woodchuck or your respect for Danny's devotion to cleanliness. I'm talking about those specific scenes that immediately pop into your mind the minute anyone mentions Full House.

For instance, if I say, "remember that time Michelle went to the museum?", there is an excellent chance a Full House devotee will immediately start giggling. Over the course of eight seasons, the Tanner family had their share of memorable moments. After all, this is a family that went on the best Disney World vacation ever, sang with the Beach Boys, and even had a family reunion complete with an Uncle Jesse lookalike. There was nothing boring about Danny, Uncle Jesse, D.J., Steph, Michelle, and the rest of the Tanner crew. Even Comet went on a grand adventure through the streets of San Francisco that one time.

There is no shortage of memorable Full House moments, but the 13 on this list are the ones no true honorary member of the Tanner family would ever forget.

1. Uncle Jesse Sings "Forever" To Aunt Becky

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Ever the romantic, Uncle Jesse chooses to sing his vows to Becky during their wedding, and, if you can think about this scene without crying, you are a stronger person than I am.

2. Michelle Breaks The Dinosaur

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Michelle is the only kid in the history of time who could get away with breaking a dinosaur. The moment is easily one of the craziest in Full House history, and also one no one could possibly forget.

3. D.J. Stops Eating

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Full House could get serious when it wanted to, and the way the show addressed D.J.'s image issues was completely heartbreaking. In a legitimately scary moment, D.J. passes out when she stops eating and exercises to the point of exhaustion. The entire episode is unforgettable thanks to the way it addresses the body image issues that can be so damaging for young teens.

4. The Family Sings Michelle The Flintstones Theme

In the very first episode, Joey, Danny, and Uncle Jesse sing The Flintstones theme to a fussy Michelle — with an assist from D.J. and Stephanie. It's such a sweet moment that the gang recreated it in the Fuller House pilot for baby Tommy.

5. Stephanie Drives Joey's Car Into The Kitchen

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Poor Stephanie. Of all the jams the kid got herself in, this one is one of the worst, but it's totally priceless too. Michelle's insistence that there's a car in the kitchen never gets old.

6. Uncle Jesse Moves Out

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Uncle Jesse's goodbye to Michelle is one of those moments that will forever lead to uncontrollable weeping.

7. Michelle Is Crowned Disney World's Princess For The Day

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It's supposed to be Stephanie. Whether you have siblings or not, it is impossible not to remember this scene and feel terrible for Stephanie who so narrowly misses out on being princess for the day.

8. Joey Owns Star Search

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Joey lives out every '90s kid's dream when he gets a spot on Star Search. His stand-up routine is funny, but knowing his dad is in the audience watching gives the moment an extra touch of pathos.

9. Uncle Jesse Breaks His Arms

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The physical comedy involved in the scene where Uncle Jesse tries to make his own bowl of cereal after breaking his arms in a motorcycle accident is Full House at its finest.

10. Danny Tells Stephanie About Gia's Car Accident

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Stephanie and D.J. bonding is the best kind of bonding.

11. Joey Goes On A Mother/Daughter Sleepover With Stephanie

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In the early seasons, the show spent a good amount of time on how losing their mom affected the girls, but, for most fans, seeing Joey try to step into the role of mom for Stephanie's sleepover resonates the most.

12. Aunt Becky & Uncle Jesse Find Out They Are Having Twins

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The news that two new Katsopolis/honorary Tanners are joining the family is a squee-worthy moment if there ever is one.

13. Michelle's Memory Comes Back

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The final episode could not end with Michelle suffering from amnesia. Between Michelle getting her memory back (with both Olsen twins sharing the screen at the same time) and Steve arriving to be D.J.'s last minute prom date, Full House could not have ended on a better note.

There are so many amazing Full House moments, but these are the ones that still make me laugh and cry even now.

Image: Warner Bros. Television