What's Going On In Aziz Ansari's Love Life?

Even if the show doesn't take home any trophies, it's still exciting that Master of None is nominated for multiple Emmys. Considering it's so new, the Netflix series wasn't necessarily an expected nominee. On top of that, the noms are a win for diversity, especially since the topic is a focal point in several episodes. Since Aziz Ansari is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, it's easy to wonder who he'll bring as his date. I, for one, am rooting for him to take his parents, who doubled as his co-stars. But family aside, I bet you're curious: Is Ansari single? Well, he did reportedly split from longtime girlfriend Courtney McBroom earlier this year. And since then, he's been quiet on the love front.

Before breaking up, Ansari and McBroom had been together since 2013. Although the couple didn't necessarily spend a ton of time in the spotlight, he did frequently mention her in his standup routines. For instance, I saw him perform twice in 2015, and during both events, there was at least one joke or comment mentioning his significant other. It's definitely sad to hear they're over, given the fact that McBroom opened his eyes to feminism and they also bonded over food. She's a chef, by the way.

As for Ansari's relationship status right now, it does appear that he's currently single. A majority of his recent social media posts are filled with food from Europe, or from filming Season 2 of Master of None . Not that this necessarily means he's not dating anyone, but it looks like his priorities are elsewhere. He's also been spending a ton of time with his buddy (and co-star) Eric Wareheim. And honestly, that's pretty awesome. It's like a little Eat, Pray, Love journey filled with amazing meals and BFFs.

Granted, it's entirely possible that since Ansari and McBroom kept their relationship mostly under-wraps (at least when it came to photos), they could've rekindled their romance by now. But a look at her Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as his, shows no signs of reconciliation. So, my best guess is that Ansari is living the single life right now. And from the looks of it, he's making the most of it.

Then again, he could show up with a special someone by his side at the Emmys and totally prove me wrong. Only time will tell.