What Fall Thing You Should Do Based On Your Sign

Come fall, a certain slew of seasonally-themed activities become ubiquitous. Everywhere you look, there’s pumpkin-flavored this, leaf-colored that. There’s no ignoring fall — it does not slide in and slip out unnoticed. It’s certainly the cool kid at the season table, and everyone wants to be its friend.

So much so, that it can be hard to find a unique relationship with the season that’s different than everyone else’s. But instead of spending the weekend trying to fight the cliche throws of fall, consider this: have a totally cliché fall experience. Do all the things that people like doing — just cease to resist. Greet the season with an appreciation for tradition. Cliché doesn’t always mean bad — in fact, it actually means good. Tried and true. It means that many people have enjoyed it, so why not you, too? To avoid feeling basic, pick fall actives based on your zodiac sign, so as to give yourself a better chance of enjoying them and feeling a personal attachment or draw to the activity. No one knows you better than the universe, and the universe just wants you to have an epic fall!

So for just one weekend, give it a try. Don’t turn your nose up at a little pumpkin spice. Don’t roll your eyes at the premature selection of Halloween candy at the pharmacy. Don’t scoff at the cable-knit sweater your mom just put on the family dog. Just go with it. Embrace the fall cliches. Don’t be scared of having fun. These are some basic ways to spend your weekend this fall, based on your trusty zodiac sign:


You love to travel and move around. Sometimes it doesn't even matter where you're going, you have an urge to go. Take a ride through the scenic country. Drive, take a bus, go on a train, just get out there and see the leaves turn. Even just taking an afternoon to admire this once-a-year change and listen to music can be a very zen and inspiring experience. And getting away from it all will feel totally necessary.


Deep down, you love tradition and it makes you feel good to be a part of it. So just dive in this year! Either go to a pumpkin patch, or to your local grocer and get yourself a pumpkin. You can use it as a decoration, or you can carve it and put a candle inside. It’s harder than it looks and you might actually have fun putting your own spin on a carving design.


You love to get outdoors and try new things. You're so ambitious and adventurous, anything you do could turn into a wild excursion. Check your local listings and find yourself a place that’s offering hay rides. It’s a nice way to get a tour of a farm, meet people and learn something new. Not to mention, riding in the back of a truck is fun — with your sense of adventure, you'll feel like you're at the carnival.


You feel your best when your life is stable and you feel like you're doing the right thing. Every fall, the right thing to do is surely drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte! They’re popular for a reason – they’re delicious. Don’t deprive yourself the sweet and spicy goodness. Get yourself a cup and take it outside to sip on. If you can’t handle a hot drink yet, order it over ice — it’s just as tasty. You'll feel like you fit in immediately.


You like to stay busy, so pick out a Halloween costume! That will take a lot of brainstorming and planning. Get into the Halloween spirit this year. What have you always wanted to dress up as, but never have because you’re too embarrassed or lazy? It doesn’t have to be something cool. Be a cat, be a monster, be a ghost in a sheet, be whatever you want! Start planning it all out and put together a costume. Once you get excited about your costume, you’ll look forward to getting to wear it.


You're so good at helping your friends organize excursions while having fun, so take your friends to the apple orchard where you can have fun with a mission. It will probably end up being an all day excursion. You’ll spend a few hours actually picking apples, which is not only fun, but difficult. The inner kid in you will love climbing around and looking for the best apples. Most orchards have other activities, too. Some have rides, others offer warm cinnamon donuts and other seasonal refreshments. Many have animals to pet and picture booths to pose in. It’s popular for a reason!


You love to entertain, receive praise, and be the center of attention. Make an amazing apple pie. If you don’t know how, now is your chance to learn. Invite some friends over to enjoy it with you. Baking can be very relaxing and rewarding. But the compliments you receive for your hard and delicious work with feel even better.


Put your organizer hat on, you know you love to. Go through your closet and get rid of the sweaters you’ve out-grown or don't wear anymore, and make room for some new threads to get you excited about the season. Truly, nothing feels better than hanging outside in the crisp air with a big, fuzzy sweater. You'll feel very zen once your closet is organized for the season.


You love to host and treat your friends to a nice meal. It’s always good to have a solid soup recipe in your repertoire. Go through some seasonal cookbooks and find a recipe that speaks to you. Spend a few hours getting it perfect. Have some friends over for dinner or safe the leftovers for lunch the next day. Soup always feels like a hug you didn't know you needed!


You love danger. Fear excites you. Round up a collection of the scariest movies you've never seen and have an all day marathon viewing session. Try to surprise yourself with some old classics with terrible special effects and see if and of them can scare you. Check out some foreign films if you feel like you've seen all the American films. There's got to be tons of movies you've ever even heard of that will scare your pants off.


You like to do things for yourself and finds ways to be sustainable at home. Instead of buying big plastic jugs of cider at the store, make your own. Find a hot apple cider recipe and get brewing. The fragrances will melt your cliche-resisting heart and you’ll be brewing cider all season. For leftovers, wait until the cider cools and pour in to a warm jug, and then store in the refrigerator.


You always need a challenge and now that summer is winding down, you're worried your adventurous life is about to wind-down. Don't worry, it doesn't have to! Check your local parks and recreation site, and find a hike near you that’s in a wooded area. This is the one time of year that you can enjoy a hike without freezing or sweating, take advantage of it and look forward to getting to the overlook where you can see a sea of vibrant-colored leaves. There’s nothing like it.

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