9 Silly Fights All Sisters Had As Kids

Sisters are the best friends we could ever ask for, but they can also get on our nerves. And some of the silliest fights sisters have take place during childhood, whether it's squabbling over a broken hairbrush or over who gets to marry Carson Daly. Fighting with sisters happens regardless of any age gap. Two of my childhood best friends were identical twins, and I remember they would have disagreements — little ones, but disagreements nonetheless. My own sister is five years older than me, and we used to bicker all the time (admittedly, we still do but hey, that's normal!). Our fights ranged from my sister insisting that I be safe at school to my 9-year-old pleas of, "Don't swear! Swearing is bad" during her teenage years, even though I myself started swearing in high school.

The funny thing is, when we think about it, those sister fights from the past were all pretty silly. At the time, those disagreements seemed like the biggest debates of our lives but now that we're all grown up and totally mature (well, somewhat), a lot of those fights seem meaningless. For many of us, those fights have even turned into fond memories that we can laugh over together. Here are nine fights that all sisters had while they were young that totally seem, well, childish now:

1. Chores

Really, who doesn't fight about chores when they were young? It especially became a problem if both sisters liked doing the dishes but neither of them wanted to do laundry. Is that where the concept of dibs came from?

2. Which Backstreet Boy Was The Hottest

Oh my god, this was a war between me and my sister. We would squabble all the time over who was cuter: Kevin or Nick? (A-hem, Nick Carter definitely won.)

3. That Stain On Your Favorite Shirt

"How could you? That's my only shirt with rhinestones!" Yeah, admit it. We've all been there and done that.

4. Snooping Through Her Makeup

Or her jewelry box. Or her collection of trashy novels. Whatever it was, you went through and marveled at her things. You might've even made fun of her style, but secretly you wanted to be just like her.

5. Attention From Mom And Dad

The one time cleaning got popular was when it became all about impressing the parentals. All kids just want to be loved by the people who raised them, and fighting for attention was probably a particular point of contention for those of you with multiple sisters. But now you know better and can rest assured that they both love you equally.

6. Freedom From Mom And Dad

Because of my disability, I grew up with nurses following me around all throughout childhood up until college. When I juxtaposed my lack of freedom against my sister who got to go on school field trips alone, it felt like she was allowed to do more even though that wasn't always true. So naturally, I was the annoying little sister who complained, "But why does she get to do that and I can't?" The usual answer was, "Because she's five years older. That's why." Grumble.

7. Competition Over Smarts, Looks, And Friends

There's nothing more powerful than a sister's unwavering support, but once upon a time, jealousy made things complicated. It was normal, even if a little frustrating and hurtful, to feel like your sisters were so much more popular, pretty and sociable than you. But now that you're all adults, appreciating each other's individual talents and strengths has become second nature.

8. That Secret You Weren't Supposed To Tell

We were all tattle-tales at one point or another. You probably thought you were playing matchmaker when you told her crush that she had pictures of him tacked onto her bulletin board at home, but she probably didn't see it that way.

9. Who Lived Under Whose Shadow

For all the little sisters who inherited the same middle school and high school teachers from their big sisters, I totally feel you. Here's a secret: No matter the age difference, most sisters have probably experienced similar insecurities and feelings of living under each other's shadow. Luckily, adulthood has made us grow closer and realize that it's pretty awesome to have someone to look up to, especially when it's your sister.

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