11 Exposed Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is creeping up and you might not have as much money as you'd like to spend on a new costume this year. However, there's a thrifty solution for ghoulish gals who aren't afraid of a little face paint and who love getting creative: Exposed skull Halloween makeup. All you'll need to do is create a DIY skeleton costume, borrow a ready made one from a friend, or pick up some brilliantly bony accessories from your local dollar store.

Even if you're not so great with a makeup brush, there are tons of tutorials out there, so you're bound to find one that suits your beauty skill level. Because, let's face it, we're not all makeup artists in training or naturally talented at everything beauty – myself included. For the most part, you'll just need some white and black makeup or face paint and something to apply it with, like a sponge applicator or brushes. You can add in optional extras, like UV face paint or some fake blood if you want to get really creative, but these definitely aren't vital.

There have been quite a few bony-faced folks in popular culture recently, from Rick Genest AKA Zombie Boy, to James Bond in Spectre, to El Diablo in Suicide Squad . So here are some spine-tingling exposed skull makeup tutorials that are key to becoming a skeleton this Halloween.

1. The Simple Skull

Ghouls looking for an easy skull makeup tutorial or a last minute Halloween costume can turn to this awesome look.

2. The Jawbone Look

You can rock killer eye makeup with this partly exposed skull style that lies on the bottom half of the face.

3. The Half & Half Horror

Another alternative to wearing a full face of skeletal makeup is to opt for this creepy half face skull.

4. The Torn Mouth

If the aim of your Halloween game is to scare the living daylights out of your friends and family, this macabre torn skull mouth makeup is sure to work a treat.

5. The Purple Haze

Go lighter on the eye sockets with a range of blended eyeshadows, including a purple hue for a more feminine feel.

6. The Colorful Skull

Maybe monochrome's not your bag. Not to worry, you can create a bright and colorful skull look with the help of this nifty tutorial!

7. The Blacklight Bones

Not only does this tutorial include how to create a neon and UV/blacklight skull look, it also includes instructions on how to create a DIY hat complete with lights, so your makeup will be illuminated wherever you are.

8. The Studded Skull

Add some embellishment to your skin for a decadent skeletal look this Halloween – look no further than this luxe, studded skull tutorial.

9. The Golden Skull

Look like you've fallen victim to the Midas Touch with this opulent golden skull tutorial.

10. The Galactic Style

Spooky space babes will love this galaxy inspired skull makeup that's eerily ethereal.

11. The White Skull

There's something extra bone-chilling about this white skull makeup that'll help you stand out from the crowd.

Unleash the skeletons from your closet this Halloween and take advantage of a costume that's all about the makeup, leaving you way more time to shake your bones at a Halloween party!

Image: Brianna Fox /YouTube