Taylor Swift Shouldn't Go To The Emmys

On the day of actor Tom Hiddleston's Emmy nomination, he finally broke his silence and confirmed he was dating Taylor Swift, per The Hollywood Reporter. But, a lot has changed since July, and Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have since broken up. So, it's not likely she'll be on his arm as his date, but will Taylor Swift be at the Emmys at all? According to one source, it may be a possibility.

If she were the kind of woman who wanted to control the narrative of their breakup and exact some revenge, she could show up because she would definitely steal the spotlight from Hiddleston, who is only just starting to make a mainstream name for himself. (I loved him way before some tabloids even knew who he was.) But, considering she stayed pretty quiet on the relationship both during things and after it ran its course, I'm not so sure Swift would want a big media frenzy at the Emmys. Plus, she really would have no reason to go since she's not up for or presenting any awards.

Still, UK paper The Mirror has reported that she is allegedly still on the guest list for the event. It's possible Hiddleston had her listed as his guest back when they were still together, which could explain why she's on the roster. But, I think it's unlikely she'd show. It would be kind of rude to make his big night about her, and I don't think she wants that kind of negative press right now. Swift has been laying low since their relationship began, retreating even further after her drama with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and that "Famous" Snapchat video. If she wants to maintain a good public image, she should probably skip this particular carpet, though I am interested in seeing if Hiddleston brings a date at all so soon after their split. Imagine if he did and she was there. Drama, drama, drama!

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Swift's social media isn't much help in determining her whereabouts. The Emmys take place in L.A., Swift was spotted in New York City on Sept. 16, two days before the awards show. But, she definitely could have flown to Cali in that time. Although, some fan photos may place her at the Music City Wine and Food festival in Nashville as of Sept. 17. Still, she may have been able to fly to L.A. since then. For now, it's a bit of a mystery where Swift is, or if she's planning on hitting the Emmys red carpet. But, if I were to have any influence on the matter (and I don't), I'd advise that she stay home for this one and let her ex have his moment to shine. It's the decent thing to do.