Three 'Gilmore' Guys Partied At The Emmys

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like if a group of the Gilmore Girls stars went to the Emmys? Wonder no more, because during Sunday's 2016 Emmys, it happened. Michel, Logan, and Christopher partied together at the biggest TV event of the year and based on the Instagram shared by Yanic Truesdale (Michel), he, Matt Czuchry (Logan), and David Sutcliffe (Christopher) had a blast. "Celebrating awesome television with #davidsutcliffe and Matt Czuchry at Neflix [sic] Emmy's party. Fun times!" Truesdale captioned the photo where they are all getting cozy and sporting smiles at Netflix's after party.

It's fun to see these three GG stars hanging out, because off the top of my head I can't remember if they ever shared a scene together when the beloved dramedy was airing. I'm pretty sure Michel, Logan, and Christopher never filmed a scene with just them, but maybe the Gilmore Girls reboot will give fans a scene that brings these guys together? Hey, anything can happen in Stars Hollow. Plus, all three are returning, so it's a possibility.

Now back to Truesdale's Instagram. I think most GG fans will agree with me when I say that they look happier than their characters did during their time on the series. Yes, they all had happy times, but more often than not, these three were upset about something, dealing with some kind of drama, reacting negatively to a situation, or walking around looking miserable. I guess that comes with a drama, right? The same can't be said for the actors who brought Michel, Logan, and Christopher to life, because these three look like they're having a blast, don't they?

Let's just imagine for a second what it would be like if Logan, Christopher, and Michel partied together. It'd make for one interesting GG episode and would definitely have fans talking.

Logan Actually Might Not Hate It

He always loved to party, so he'd most likely embrace the Emmy after party. That said, he'd also probably end up getting bored and leave to find something better to do.

Christopher Would Have His Family On His Mind

When didn't he think about Lorelai and Rory and insert himself into their lives? All of these family thoughts thoughts would overcome him and he'd probably end up getting really sad about how they aren't together.

Michel Would Be Beyond Miserable

The above gif pretty much explains Michel's personality, especially when being around living, breathing humans.

Yeah, I don't think these three GG characters would have as much fun as Truesdale, Czuchry, and Sutcliffe.

Images: k4t3yk4t, gilmoregirls, roryandlogan/Tumblr