You Totally Did This When You Were Mad In The '90s

Ah, friendship in the '90s. Who doesn't remember the strange things we did when mad at our best friends in the '90s? Being mad at your friend as a kid is always pretty different than being mad at your friend as an adult, but because we've had so many changes in our technology and the way we socialize between the '90s and now, the differences can feel even more pronounced. Whether you had a ton of friends in the '90s, or you were one of the more solitary kids who had just a best buddy or two, it's safe to say that you probably had at least one major tiff with your BFF.

Now, what this fight was about could have been any number of things: Did your bestie steal your fifth grade crush? Did your friend's little sister use your favorite Lip Smacker to draw all over her mirror? Did your best friend from homeroom assign you to play your least favorite Spice Girls girl in your homemade music video? Betrayals in the '90s ran deep, even if we were just kids. That's why as likely as you are to still remember that blow-up fight you had with your bestie in middle school, these memories of things we did when we were mad in the '90s will probably ring very true for you.

Let's go down memory lane — but remember, these are probably not the best approaches when you're mad at your best friend as an adult, OK?

1. Ignored Their Calls Thanks To Caller ID

Remember the days when everyone had caller ID so you could see who was calling and when? Yeah, nothing was more satisfying than ignoring someone's incoming call thanks to your handy caller ID. And if they left you a voicemail? Even better.

2. Watched Ahead In Your Favorite TV Show Without Them

Watching ahead in a TV series is a pretty big betrayal even today, but especially in the '90s when most of had to record episodes on VHS tapes, if we got to record them at all. Watching ahead without your bestie communicated one thing: Fury.

3. Traded Your Pokemon Cards With Other Kids First

We all remember what it's like to open up a fresh pack of Pokemon cards. If someone traded their fresh finds with the other kids before they offered them to you, you knew something was up.

4. Made Your Away Message Really, Really Dramatic

Ah, the Internet in the '90s. Was there a better mode of communication than using AIM away messages to express yourself?

5. Traded Lunches With The Other Kids In The Cafeteria

If you were mad at your bestie, you definitely sought out other kids in the cafeteria to trade your lunch with. After all, why give that traitor your Dunkaroos?

6. Sulked In Your Room When They Knocked On Your Door

If your friend happened to come over your house to hang out and you were still mad, you know you dramatically stayed in bed while your parents let them in.

7. Spent Hours On The Phone Justifying Your Side Of The Fight To Your Mutual Friends

Ah, gossip. This one is one we still might be tempted to do as adults, though it pretty much always ends poorly.

8. Cried On Your Parent's Laps Because Hello, Feelings

Who didn't break down and cry on their parents bed once in a while? Especially after a fight with your bestie, sometimes you just needed a hug.

9. Had Deep, Reflective Thoughts While Roller Blading Through Your Neighborhood

The wind in your hair, the sidewalks of your suburb surrounding you... Yeah, rollerblading through your neighborhood was basically a necessity when you were mad at your best friend and needed some time to clear your head.

10. Wrote Them Hand-Written Notes Explaining Your Side Of The Story

In a time before everything was communicated via text messages, we wrote down the real important stuff on paper and passed it in the hallway. How else would we express ourselves without our parents or teachers overhearing all of our drama?

11. Hovered By Their Locker, Then Dramatically Walked Away When The Bell Rang

Sure, you were mad at your best friend... but you still had to make sure they saw you and missed you, right? Dramatically lurking by their locker and then stomping away was ideal for reminding them that you guys were in a very dramatic fight... which was probably about a sweater you borrowed or some Gelly Rolls.

12. Saved All Your Best Lisa Frank Stickers For When Your Fight Was Over

When all was said and done, the most memorable part of being mad at your friend wass how you guys eventually made up and went back to being best friends. So you totally know you saved some of your favorite Lisa Frank stickers for when you stopped fighting, right?

Images: Nickelodeon; Giphy (12)