Sara Ramirez Is Busy Post-'Grey's Anatomy'

For 10 long years, actor Sara Ramirez played Dr. Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy. That's a long time to be committed to the same character. Ramirez brought us some of the most heart wrenching and important moments on the medical drama. Dr. Torres survived a car crash, a divorce, a custody battle and much more. The character was complicated, funny, relatable and dynamic. It'll be sad not see her in the upcoming season, but her decision to leave the show was what was best for her, and fans have to support that. But, what is Sara Ramirez doing now that she isn't busy with Grey's Anatomy? The actress is producing films, singing, and taking some much needed time off.

Ramirez took a bold step in choosing to leave Grey's Anatomy. Her character had become a staple of the show. It was also very much her decision, as she still has a good relationship with her cast and crew. Now Ramirez begins a new chapter in her life. Luckily, with a combination of interviews and social media, it is easy to stay up to date with the actor.

Here are some of the things Ramirez has been up to since announcing her departure from Grey's Anatomy.

Promoting New Projects

Ramirez produced her first film, Loserville, the story of a high school outcast, which sees Ramirez take on a new role behind the camera. The movie premieres Sept. 30.

Using Her Vocal Talents

Ramirez, in addition to being a talented actress, is also a strong singer. She's preformed at a Grey's Anatomy benefit concert and sang on the show in a musical episode. Ramirez has now released the song "Roller Coaster."

Chopping Her Locks For A Good Cause

Ramirez is using her platform for good. Because she left Grey's Anatomy, Ramirez now has the freedom to change up her looks. And that she did. Ramirez cut off her hair for Locks of Love. Her short do looks great, and it's doing a lot of good too.

Joining The World Of Ted Talks

Ramirez returned to TV when she co-hosted Ted Talks. Her character, Callie, once had her own Ted Talk, so it's kind of come full circle.

Supporting The LGBT Community

Callie was openly bisexual, and Ramirez is using the platform she gained from the show to support and promote LGBT-focused events.


Ramirez has been working long hours on a TV show for many years. It is not surprising that with her new found freedom she is taking the time to sit back and relax. She's earned it.

As sad as I am that Ramirez won't be returning to Grey's Anatomy, I am excited to see what new projects she takes on next. Already she seems to be jumping into a variety of different things. Maybe she will make some time for one last cameo as Callie in Season 13 or beyond. A fan can dream.