Jaclyn Hill Is Working On A Secret Project

Stop what you're doing, because this is not a drill. According to her Twitter, Jaclyn Hill is working on a secret project, and it's not her makeup line. The YouTuber didn't give many clues to what she's in the process of creating, but that hasn't stopped the beauty world from speculating. Regardless of what it might be, Hillsters are already excited.

It seems like everything that Hill touches turns into makeup gold. First there was Champagne Pop that everyone loved so much, BECCA actually made it permanent. Then there was her announcement that she was creating her own makeup line. Now she announced that she's working on another secret project as well. Fans are freaking out over the new information, and for a good reason.

Hill sent a tweet saying that she's been working on something for 19 months now, and she can't wait for her fans to see. She also mentioned in the post that she uses it everyday. So, naturally, her fans have been trying to guess what the secret project is. When a Hillster tweeted back asking if she was referring to her makeup line, the beauty vlogger responded by saying it was something completely different. Now people are all sorts of excited.

*Cue the freakout!* That's pretty darn exciting, if you ask me. Hill didn't say whether it was a beauty product or not, just that she uses it every day. That could basically be anything. I'm will to bet that it's something beauty related, based on her background, but you just never know.

I guess the beauty world will just have to wait patiently until she drops some more clues. Of course, that hasn't stopped Hillsters from trying their hardest to guess. Here's what they they've come up with so far.

Hmm, odds are that she does use this every single day.

Even a Jaclyn Hill toothbrush would sell like crazy.

Lipsticks will more than likely be in her makeup line, but you just never know.

A Hill-created perfume would be major.

It doesn't even matter what it is, just take our money now.

Both would no doubt be great products.

Plot twist! Maybe it's a book.

Also a great guess.

So very true.

Whatever it ends up being, there's no doubt in my mind that it will be great.

Images: JaclynHill/Instagram (1)