Kat Von D's 13 New Lock-It Shades Are Here

If you are a Kat Von D-evotee, then 13 is your lucky number. Kat Von D Beauty updated its best-selling Lock-It Foundation, revamping the packaging and adding 13 new hues to the lineup, including white. Expanding the Lock-It shade selection certainly makes the product more inclusive, as it caters to an even wider variety of skintones and opens to product up to even more makeupistas ISO the perfect foundation shade. The brand first teased the additional Lock-It Foundation shades earlier this year, getting fans and customers excited. When can you buy the new Kat Von D Lock-It Foundations and where?

The new Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation shades and pretty pump with new graphics are available at the Kat Von D Beauty site right now. They are also available via If you prefer to see the new shades and new bottle IRL, you will have to wait until Oct. 7, since that's when the new Lock-Its cruise into Sephora stores.

The brand was quick to remind its customers that the formula has not changed, so everybody relax. It's just a new presentation and increased shade options.

According to the description on the KVDB site, the bottle is aces since it "features an innovative airless chamber design that prevents contamination and maintains Lock-It's rich consistency. That means you get a fresh, precisely measured dose with every pump!" Translation? No germs, no mess, and no wasted product!

There it is — the new packaging. The Kylie Cosmetics signature black drip is similar, but KVDB has a much more goth x rock aesthetic overall.

Ready for some swatches of the new Lock-It shades?

There really is something for everyone — fair, deep, pale, golden, whatever!— and their unique skintone, thanks to the updated Lock-It shades.

Images: Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty (1); Courtesy of Sephora (1)