Is Jaclyn Hill Dying Her Hair Blonde? It All Depends On Her Twitter Poll

When this YouTube star makes a beauty change, people notice. Whether it's having a new favorite product or cutting her hair, Hillsters are always there to let the world know. This time it might just be bigger than ever. According to her Twitter poll, Jaclyn Hill might dye her hair blonde. It might seem like a drastic change to some, but actually she'd just be going back to a familiar look.

Ever since starting her YouTube channel, Hill has had red hair. It's something she's talked about on her channel and her Snapchat, but it looks like she might just switch it up. After filming in a long blonde wig, Hill took to social media to say how much she missed the hair color. She took a whole slew of Snapchats in the Kylie Jenner-esque hair accessory saying that she really was debating going back to blonde.

The decision comes down to a Twitter poll. That's right! Hill's next hair change is in her fans hands. Although Hill has tried plenty of different wigs recently, the options are between just red and blonde. As of now, it's neck-and-neck. Who knows whether this will be the deciding factor alone, but it is pretty cool that she's letting her fans have a say.

For those of you that aren't ride-or-die Hillsters, you should know that this wouldn't be the first time she went blonde. She had the hair color back in high school and even on her wedding day, according to her Instagram post. She shared some throwback photos on her Instagram of her with light locks too.

This isn't the first time that the YouTuber has played around with wigs either. She slipped on an ice blue one for an Instagram photo and even filmed in faux turquoise hair for one of her videos. I don't know how Hill does it, but she looks great in every single color she puts on.

What do her Hillsters think of the possible hair change, you ask? Well, general consensus is that she would look great either way. I can't disagree with that. Here are some of her fans reactions to the big beauty news.

They've been keeping track of her hair debates for some time now.

Maybe she should let the seasons decide.

She could always just plop the wig on every now and then.

Then again, it would be a nice change.

The green did look pretty great.

Team fake red has spoken.

Give the people what they want — more options

I can't wait to see what she decides!

Images: JaclynHill/Instagram (1), JaclynRHill/Snapchat (1)