When's The Last Day To Shop OFRA's Summer Metallics? You Don't Have Much Longer

Summer is officially over, which means making way for fall and winter beauty launches. That means some of the stunning lip colors are about to go away forever. Unfortunately, OFRA's Summer Metallics are some of them. The shimmering lip colors are leaving the online shop soon, so you'll want to stock up on them while you still can.

Remember those gorgeous shimmering shades that OFRA launched this summer? Well, they're about to be gone forever. According to the company's Instagram post, the last day to get the Summer Metallic Trio is Sept. 22. This should come as a total surprise though. The three lip colors — Versailles, Santorini, and Monaco — were always branded as limited edition. They stuck around for the entire summer, but now it's time to make space for the fall shades.

There are no rules for makeup, in my opinion. You could easily rock the gorgeous rosy hues all year long. While three of the color pack a serious punch on their own, they could easily work topped on a matching lip shade as well. That is, only if you snag them before they're gone. You can pick these gorgeous lip products up on the OFRA site.

As far as buying them goes, you have a few options. You can either buy the entire set for $49.70 or pick your favorites for $19.90 each. There are tons of different promo codes out there that will save you 30 percent too. Just check with your favorite vlogger or scroll through OFRA's Instagram to find one.

Summer Metallics Lip Set, $49.70, ofracosmetics.com

You really can't go wrong with any of the colors. The first, Versailles, is a dusty pink that could easily be paired with any nude. The other two are a bit darker. Santorini is a bright pink pop of color while the Monaco is a bit more mauve.

Just look at that shine! The metallics and shimmery skin trends is being carried over to the fall, so you'll definitely want to shop these while you can.

Images: ofracosmetics/Instagram (1)