Who Killed Kate On 'Secrets And Lies' Season 2? Eric Isn't The Only Suspect

If you thought Detective Cornell was going to go easy during her newest investigation, then think again. The Secrets and Lies Season 2 premiere kicked things off as we knew it would — with a murder. But instead of an innocent neighborhood kid getting found in the woods, the victim is Eric Warner's wife, who was pushed from a 12-story building by an unknown assailant. And because usually nine times out of 10 the husband is the guilty party, Cornell quickly makes him the prime suspect. But who really killed Kate on Secrets and Lies ? Because as guilty as Eric may seem right now — considering he was up on the roof around the same time she was killed — he's definitely not the only suspect to consider.

Take Eric's best friend Neal, for example. Was it just me or did he seem oddly cold to Kate during one of the many flashbacks introduced prior to the murder? Was this because he just didn't really like Kate on principle (since apparently he doesn't trust women... OK) or was he pulling an Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually and acting like a jerk because he's secretly in love with her? Right now we don't know enough to make any kind of decision, but you have to admit it's certainly suspicious.

Then there's Eric's dad, John Warner. Sure, he seems like a great guy from everything we've seen so far, but that doesn't automatically make him innocent. Maybe he found out that Kate had already given birth to another man's baby and didn't want their family fortune and company being threatened by an outsider. That sounds like motive enough for wanting to get her out of the picture. And, of course, there's also the option that we have yet to meet the actual killer. Let's not forget that we're only one episode out of the gate here, so there's plenty of time to run into him or her as the season progresses. Either way, I'm keeping my eyes open and giving Eric the benefit of the doubt... for now.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC