You Can Follow Paul After 'Big Brother' Ends

Another summer is coming to an end, and with it so does this season of Big Brother conclude. The season finale will determine if returning players Nicole or James will be the victors, or if newcomer Paul will manage to charm the jury just like he's spent all summer charming Big Brother fans. Although Paul's run on Big Brother will be over soon, there will still be plenty of opportunities for Paul to deliver a daily recommended amount of friendship to BB fans through social media. If you can't get enough Paul in your life, here's a guide of how to follow Paul on social media after Big Brother 18 .

Paul, ever the millennial, is all over social media either showcasing himself or working to promote his fashion line. Inside the house, Paul has become popular for his hilarious antics, his many catchphrases, and his willingness to break the tension in any situation. The houseguest's social media output is primarily fashion-focused right now, but surely when he emerges from the Big Brother house, he'll have the opportunity to show off the goofball ways that made him so entertaining to watch. Here are the social media accounts you should be following if you want to keep up with Paul.

Twitter - @deadskull35

Paul's Twitter presence is fairly light, with only 3 tweets in the past year (which look to be spam), so now's the right time to follow before it surely blows up. Paul may not be twitter-friendly, but most BB alum are on Twitter, so perhaps it's a good time for him to get accustomed with the platform.

Instagram - @deadskull

Paul's social media bread-and-butter is his Instagram, which thanks to his BB success has amassed over 118k followers. It features modeling pictures, shots of him with family, and, of course, pictures of him with dogs. Expect Instagram to be Paul's main method of communication after Big Brother.

Snapchat - deadskullsnaps

Paul himself hasn't had the chance to hop on his personal Snapchat due to being locked in the Big Brother house, but chances are he'll be active and ready to snap upon being released back into the real world. While his Instagram seems to be more professional, expect Snapchat to be an intimate look into what Paul refers to as "all the stupid sh*t I do during the day."

Paul is one of BB18's breakout stars, because in a season filled with drama, feuds, and Paulie being generally gross, Paul managed to bring some fun while still being a smart and capable competitor. While there's no guarantee that he will be leaving the finale with a prize, his summer on Big Brother was memorable enough for viewers to want to see what he'll do next.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS