Why Chelsea Handler's Brangelina Comments Are Causing An Uproar

When it comes to Brangelina's breakup, everyone has an opinion. In a new clip released Wednesday on her Chelsea talk show's Twitter account, Chelsea Handler commented on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and when I say she didn't hold back, I mean she didn't hold back. (The full episode that features her commentary will stream on Thursday.) "Brad and Angelina always said they wouldn’t get married until everyone could get married," Handler began. "And I always said I wouldn’t get married until they got divorced, so I’m officially accepting proposals. I’m ready." She started off soft, but ended with quite the bang and people on Twitter aren't happy at all with her remarks.

Here's where some believe she took her commentary way too far. She said,

"There are rumors that part of the problem was that Brad was allegedly drinking and smoking too much weed. I wonder why he would need to self-medicate. Maybe because he could have been spending the last 12 years at Lake Como hanging out with George Clooney and Matt Damon, instead of being stuck in a house with 85 kids speaking 15 different languages. Oh yeah, because he married a f*cking lunatic, that’s why."

(Bustle has reached out to Pitt's rep regarding the rumors Handler mentions in her comment.)

Handler then ended her strong stance by saying, "But we should all respect their privacy during this very difficult time. So this will be the last time I speak of this on TV. You can follow me on Twitter." You can watch the NSFW video here.

If she was looking for a reaction, she sure got one. As a late night talk show host, it is technically part of her job to comment on the headlines of the day, including major celebrity and political news. Most every other late night talk show hosts discussed Brangelina, too.

Though, Handler didn't necessarily have to do so in that matter. Was she joking? It seems like she was just being her typical self, but some believe that doesn't make her comments OK, especially when it comes to calling Jolie a "lunatic."

I get where they're coming from, because no women wants to be labeled as a "lunatic" or "crazy." When women are emotional, taking a stand, or speaking loudly, they are far too often put down and made to feel that what they're doing is not right, but actually some type of "crazy" action. It's unfortunate that Handler used the word "lunatic" to describe Jolie.

Then, there is the whole matter of Handler and Jennifer Aniston being friends. Is this her way of supporting her BFF? You know, since Aniston used to be married to Pitt and he and Jolie had a controversial start to their relationship? Who knows, but some believe her words are a disservice to Aniston:

Since the Brangelina split was revealed, Aniston has been included in the narrative, which is unfortunate, because she is now happily married to Justin Theroux, it's been 11 years since her divorce from Pitt, and she can't seem to escape the topic of Brangelina. So when Handler delivers an opinion like she did, it, perhaps inadvertently, comes off like she's defending Aniston and dragging her into the mess, when Aniston certainly shouldn't be in anyway whatsoever.

Overall, Handler's comments are not being well-received and definitely causing more drama around an already dramatic situation.