13 'Pushing Daisies' Quotes About Pie That Will Get You Psyched For The Holidays

While it may seem like just yesterday you were eating Valentine's Day candy and planning your summer vacation, the holiday season is officially here again. And don't you dare groan; the holidays are amazing. They bring families together, you get to decorate your house for at least three different special occasions, and there is pie. So much pie. In fact, I think pie is the best part of the holidays and these Pushing Daisies quotes about the joys of pie are all the support I need for that argument.

I know you can technically eat pie anytime of the year, but it just tastes better at the holidays. Since Pushing Daisies is a sanctuary for pie lovers, the show is also perfect to watch during this season of crunchy leaves and cozy sweaters. Even if you are not feeling the holiday season just yet, a few quotes from Olive, Ned, Chuck, and Emerson about the beauty of pie will have you longing for meals with the fam.

Ned the Piemaker had his share of disappointments in life, but he knew pies, particularly his pies, have a unique ability to make people happy. Remember, it's not just the holiday season, it is also pie season, and pie season is a recipe for joy. Just take a look at these Pushing Daisies quotes all about living the pie life and you will be psyched for the holidays in no time.

1. "Candy Might Be Sweet, But It's A Traveling Carnival Blowing Through Town. Pie Is Home. People Always Come Home." — Ned


Pie is so synonymous with holiday meals, it is impossible not to draw a connection between a warm family gathering and the smell of fresh baked pie.

2. "Pies For Breakfast Always Remind Me Of Mother." — Aunt Vivian


Every family has a pie maestro. It could be your dad, your great aunt, or your culinary prodigy of a little cousin. Whoever that person is, they make every holiday special with their treats.

3. "At That Very Moment, Time Stopped, As It Was Wont To Do When Present, Past, And Future Collide; When One's Existence Ceases To Be Measured In Days, Hours, And Minutes, But Instead In The Immeasurable Quantity Of Life Events." — The Narrator


There is nothing more powerful than the first bite of apple pie of the holiday season. In some cases it can even be an experience that transports you back to the memories of holidays gone by.

4. "Don't Mess With The Pie Hoes." — Olive


OK, pie does not just bring up warm and fuzzy feelings. If you are seriously devoted to pie, getting a slice of every flavor on offer on the holiday buffet is a competitive sport you train for every year.

5. "I Can Eat My Own Pie!" — Ned


Holiday baking can be downright therapeutic, but finally getting to taste the results is hands down the best part.

6. "Olive, You're Baking With Hate!" — Ned


Hey, I'm not going to pretend the holidays aren't stressful. They are super stressful, but you can pour all that stress into a delicious pie and then eat it, just like Olive did.

7. "What Makes Me Unique Has Brought Every Person I Love Into My Life." — Ned


Ned's gift was making pies, and pie brings people together, it is as simple as that.

8. "You Know What They Say: When God Closes A Door, He Opens An Oven." — Olive


And in that oven, there is pie.

9. "Our Store Is Called The Pie Hole. As In Shut Your. Or In This Case 'Open Your' Because It's Real Good." — Olive


Nothing can fill a room with the sound of silent appreciation like a holiday pie.

10. "The Piemaker Remembered Everything." — The Narrator


One taste of pie can make all the memories of a holiday celebration come flooding back. It's like the makers of holiday pies possess a special kind of baker's magic.

11. "You're Like Winnie The Pooh. Give Me Your Paws, Pooh." — Chuck


Eating too much pie can lead to you getting stuck in windows, but you know what, it is totally worth it.

12. "The Expression 'Pie In The Sky' Entered Popular Culture In 1911. It Refers To A Dessert So Sweet, It Could Only Be Found In Heaven." — The Narrator


Trying to resist the holiday season is as futile as trying to resist a slice of strawberry pie topped with freshly whipped cream.

13. "This Is A Bells-On-The-Door, Pies-Baking, Mom-N-Pop Place. We Chit Chat Here." — Olive


The holidays are all about bringing people together, and pie is the secret ingredient that makes every get together a memorable one.

Now go put on your favorite sweater and grab your favorite fork — you are officially ready for the holiday season.

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