What Does Marion Cotillard's Instagram Photo Mean? The Pic Accompanying Her Brangelina Caption Looks Symbolic

In case you missed it, after the spread of many rumors, Marion Cotillard released a statement about Brad Pitt and those allegations that she was the reason for Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split Wednesday night via her Instagram. Alongside her lengthy statement denying any involvement, she also shared an interesting image that many might be wondering about. What does Marion Cotillard's Instagram photo mean? The image could really mean anything, especially since Cotillard didn't come outright and say, "Here's why I chose this image and this is what it means." Though, that doesn't mean it can't be analyzed.

It's unclear if the photo is famous or a well-known piece of art (a Google image search of the photo doesn't bring up any exact hits, so perhaps it was edited), but the part of the image which stands out is the single bird flying in the air through the clouds. It's hard to tell what kind of bird that is exactly, but it is a dark color and is also flying solo. The fact that there is one single bird definitely goes hand-in-hand with the way Cotillard handled being dragged into the Brangelina situation. She didn't release a statement through a publicist, but the Allied actor took a stand by herself and let her own words do the talking. Like the bird, she took flight by herself to let the world know her thoughts. For a refresher, part of her statement reads:

I think there's a lot to also be said for Cotillard using a picture that is filled with gray clouds and darkness that then transforms into lightness. Do you see how the bird appears to be flying away from the grayness into the lighter clouds? This particular image could be her way of expressing how she is feeling and showing that she will not let rumors get her down. It appears Cotillard is going to keep on living her happy life without any darkness getting in her way. That's pretty much what she said in the second part of her statement, which reads:

You may also notice that the bird seems to be flying away from what appear to be bursts of light or stars. Those could very well represent the media and the spotlight constantly surrounding Cotillard, but more so now than ever. Since the bird seems to be escaping the stars, maybe this is her way of showing that she will not have anything to do with what's being printed about her and will not be dragged down by the reports.

Whatever the true meaning behind Cotillard's photo is, it's pretty clear that she creates her own narrative and the only person who speaks for the actor is Cotillard herself.