The One Movie To Watch On Netflix Before It Leaves In October 2016 Is 'Erin Brockovich'

Fall is the perfect time of year to grab your pumpkin spiced latte, cuddle up on the couch, and turn to Netflix for all of your movie-watching needs. While the turn of a new calendar month may mean that there are tons of new movies and television shows coming to Netflix, it also means that the featured movies and television shows of the summer are officially on their way out. So, with limited time on the calendar, what should you put first on your September movie queue? The one movie you need to watch before it leaves Netflix in October is Erin Brockovich, and that should have been obvious to you from the moment you saw it on the list.

As the number of daylight hours begin to fade, the cold weather is sure to make your work days drag on and the nights feel even longer. And that's exactly why Julia Roberts' Oscar-winning performance in the true story of single mom-turned-lawyer is all of the motivation you'll need to get things done. Erin Brockovich tackles the issues that come along with balancing parenting and work, public health and safety, not to mention the challenge of rising above other people's outside judgements or perceptions.

This lawyer beat all of the odds in terms of both her personal life and those living at risk in her very own community. And if the real-life Erin Brockovich was able to make a difference and give herself and her children a better life, then you can pull through your cold Mondays in October. This movie is all of the workday motivation and female empowerment you'll need.

However, it's not just the harrowing true story, and Roberts' phenomenal performance, that makes Erin Brockovich my must-watch pick of the month. With the 2016 Presidential Election well underway, Erin Brockovich is also extremely timely in regards to the ways in which it brings the actions of big businesses and the government to the forefront. The film opens the eyes of its viewers on how the actions of a few can affect the day-to-day lives of the many. In fact, even if you're not already inspired to vote, the movie can get you thinking about critical issues and even spark conversations amongst you and your friends during what you thought would be a normal Netflix night in. Hey, sometimes a little thinking is the perfect addition to Netflix watching.

But it's not all learning. Roberts' confident attitude, unfiltered language, and unique outfit choices make Erin more than your regular lawyer. If you've already seen Erin Brockovich, I can assure you that the jokes are just as funny the second (or tenth) time around. And, if you have never seen it before, the crass humor is the perfect supplement to an otherwise moving and deeply emotional true story.

So tease your hair, grab your miniskirt, and get out your notepad. Before there was Legally Blonde, there was the story of Erin Brockovich, and you don't want to miss your chance to stream it before it leaves Netflix in October.

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